Filmora is the one of most popular video editing software that influences every user by its numerous effects and features that include mainly gif editor and YouTube intro maker. This software is gaining such popularity because of its feature of making videos worth watching and amazing.  This software is suitable for the beginner as well as a professional video editor. With the help of this software, a person can easily edit and upload the video to social media sites and gain many likes and views that will promote their ideas. This software can make your video interesting and amazing by providing you with 4K editing support. This is an affordable product with many tools which are made for both videos and audio.

Easy for editing video 

If you are a beginner in the editing world and you have started a YouTube channel and searching for software that will assist you and provide you ease at editing video then you can go with Wondershare Filmora video editing software because this software provides the user with easy steps of editing videos. This software provides instruction to the user for editing their video and making it amazing and best for watching. You can use many features that are suitable for your video at the same time. Some of the important features that you can use while editing your video are GIF editor, YouTube intro maker, and many more.

How to edit your video

Some steps that will assist you in editing your video are

Step 1 these steps indicate about to start a new project. 

Step 2 the next you have to do is to import your media files from your gallery media storage

Step 3 Now it’s time to add your video clips to the timeline.

Step 4 after adding video clips to the timeline you can retrieve and adjust your short clips and determine the length and time duration of the video

Step 5 you can add video effects that will suit your video. 

Step 6 add transitions between these clips as you are provided with 100 plus transition effects. 

Step 7 you can add text overlays and can use gif through gif editor

Step 8 you are all set and now you can export your finished video. 

Add Markers

Filmora Scrn has an amazing feature that allows you to add markers to your videos. With the help of these markers, you can identify some key moments and mistakes during your recording. Imagine you are recording a tutorial and making some mistake, you can simply just press the M key, then add a marker there now you can fix it later.

Make a video of the game

Friends, in today’s time, many people use game recording, with the help of which the performance of their game is brought in front of the people, Filmora can record the game played with voiceover, screen, and webcam simultaneously. You can also edit captured screen videos with captions, stickers, and annotation tools in the video by editing them on different tracks.

Features provided by Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora enhances its user with the different features that are embedded in the software. 

Split screen

One stand-out feature of Filmora is its split-screen feature. This feature allows the user to come up with videos that consist of footage and clips that can be played at the same time. 

Colour match

To save your time you can apply color match features for color correction into your multiple clips at once. 

Green screen

To redesign your world, you can change the background of your video by applying this feature to your video and can create special effects on everyone. 

Audio ducking

The major problem that occurs in the video is your faded diagram dialogue. To make your diet dialogue stand out you can quickly fade the background music with the help of this feature.

Add filter

You can add amazing video filters provided by this editor while creating the video. These tools are easily accessed by double-clicking on the video and switching to the “Filters” tab.

Price plans for Filmora

Filmora costs about $ 7.99 per month for every user and about $155.88 per year if you are a business user. It also provides students with special education offers in which you can save up to 28%. It is the cheap and best software for editing videos. 

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Wondershare Filmora is the best software that you can use for editing video at a low price by using all the features and effects. Some numerous effects and features are provided by Wondershare Filmora video editing software such as GIF editor, YouTube intro maker, and much more. You can get more likes and views on your video by editing it through this software and can promote your personality on social media sites.