You must have seen fidge Wordle word in the Internet. Read this article to learn why it is popular.

Did you guess the Today’s Wordle Answer? Is it difficult or easy? It doesn’t matter if you are from New Zealand Australia , India or another country. The solution for today’s Wordle is the exact same.

This post is for you if you’re also confused and would like to find the correct answer. This game is extremely popular. Recently Fidge Wordle became a trending topic on the Internet. Let’s discover why.

Today’s Wordle puzzle

Wordle is very popular. People all over the world wake up each morning to a Wordle puzzle. Some are easy while others are hard to guess. Therefore, players can take help from the Internet in order to keep their streak.

Players today were able guess that the Wordle response is similar to the word Fidge. They used online help to confirm their guess. Some players even asked questions like- Is Fidge a Word? Fidge, a meaningful English term, is the answer to your question! Fidge is not an answer for Wordle #399 from 23 July 2022. Is Fidge the correct answer for Wordle #399, 23 July 2022? Answer is “MIDGE.”

Wordle 399 Tips and Clues

  • The Wordle 23 July 2022 answer contains two vowels. Both of these vowels have different meanings.
  • A 5-letter word cannot contain more than one letter.
  • The noun is a small, flying insect that looks like a mosquito. They can also be found in marshy or water areas. Did you also know that Fidge (a Fidge Definition) is an obsolete word meaning ‘fidget.
  • The vowel E completes the word.
  • The 5-letter response begins with the letter m.

If you still can’t guess, the answer is MIDGE. Yes, Midge is correct and not Fidge.

What does Wordle mean?

Wordle is an online-based word game. It was launched in Oct 2021. Josh Wardle (its creator and developer) had been working on Wordle for quite a while. Wordle’s early prototypes were inspired from Mastermind. He made some changes later and the word-game we know today was created. The New York Times Company owns it and has published it.

Fidge Wordle

Every day Wordle launches with a new 5-letter Word as its target answer. This 5-letter word is universally the same. You have six chances to guess what the target word is.

Five tiles appear on the screen. Here players can enter the five letters of an English 5-letter word. When you press enter, you will see the following information displayed on the tiles:

  • Green tile: The letter is correctly positioned
  • Yellow tile: The target word is in yellow, but the letter is in another place
  • Grey tile: This letter is not in your target word

These hints can be used by players to guess which word is being spoken.

Final Words

Fidge Wordle trending on the Internet, because Wordle players believe it is the correct answer. The truth is, however, something else. This has been explained in our article.

Wordle are a fun and popular game. You like Wordle? Let us know your favorite Wordle game! Comment below!