One common method used by scammers is to send an SMS or an E-mail informing you that your package is RESCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY because the first delivery attempt failed. Did you know there were five possible ways scammers could try to trick you as part of the FedEx Scams trend in the United States since mid 2021?

Did you know there was an easy way to spot and avoid FedEx scams. Let’s talk about FedEx Reschedule Scam.

Five FedEx Scams:

  1. ATM Card Delivery Scam
  2. Scammer with Checks or Bank Draft
  3. Contact Required Scam
  4. Delivery Failure Scam
  5. FedEx Status Scam
  • FedEx Status Scam, Delivery Failure, and FedEx Status Scam are VIRUS files attachments. This message asks you to view the invoice and to IMPORT the attachment.
  • Scammers claiming to be an ATM, Bank Draft, or Check representative will inform you that your ATM card or check containing large amounts of money has not been delivered. To redeliver, you will need to pay $85.00 or more and update your name and phone number as well as address via email and/or phone.

Official FedEx Reschedule Delivery website:

FedEx has its official website for this purpose. FedEx does not authorize or endorse third-party websites for information purposes. Therefore,

  • FedEx customer service is not included in the email. The website links are unprotected.
  • This number is usually used by fraudulent agencies that will request you to verify credit card details from recent online orders.

All five types messages contain

  • Random phases
  • Grammatical errors
  • Incorrect spellings,
  • FedEx website URLs incorrect
  • For money,
  • Request personal and payment information.
  • It creates a SENSE OH URGENCY and informs you that you have an ATM card or a check with a large amount of money yet to be delivered.

Door tag to determine FedEx Reschedulescam . :

FedEx will leave a DOOR TAGG when they cannot deliver your package. The DOOR TAG contains information about FedEx, the attempted delivery, details about your package, FedEx contact information, as well as a NUMBER.

FedEx may have placed a door tag after you receive a message informing you of the failure. If the message does not contain a door tag, it could be a fraud.

The door tag indicates that FedEx will try again to deliver your package on the next day between 8AM and 8PM. If you are unable to be there, please contact FedEx.

  • Door Tag offers you the option to have your package redirected to Walgreens or Dollar stores.
  • This allows FedEx to leave your package at home without your signature.


Be aware of the PATTERN for these FedEx scams. Never respond to such messages, nor click on any attachments. You should not contact the email address or phone number listed in such messages.

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