What could be the different hurdles that you might face during trading in the Forex market? Trading in the capital market always comes along with numerous hurdles, few known and most of them unknown. A highly comprehensive brokerage platform will take care of such hurdles, whereas others will not have a solution to it. So it becomes very important to select your brokerage platform with the right jurisdiction. If you’re looking forward to doing justice to your capital and your time, you should go ahead and trade using FCFmarkets. As per FCFmarkets review, the brokerage platform ensures that every trader has a smooth forex journey without facing multiple hurdles. 

This brokerage platform is packed with some of the key resolutions available for major trading hurdles. In this article, we shall look into the 7 types of hurdles every trader faces while trading in the capital markets. 

Hurdles to watch out for as a Forex trader

These are the seven key hurdles that you should watch out for while trading in the Forex market:

  1. Not able to log into your trading account: This is a major problem that every trader faces. Failure to log into your trading account can often result in being shut out from your portal – thus you don’t want this to happen to you. 
  2. Delay in the technical analysis tool: Any form of delay within the technical analysis tool for even one minute can lead to taking a wrong position. This wrong position can further result in you losing real money. 
  3. Indicators not working in the right direction: Forex market requires heavy use of technical indicators. But if the indicators don’t work correctly, it is time for you to switch to a better brokerage firm. 
  4. Not able to take a trade from the candlestick: If you’re not able to take a trade from the candlestick window, then it is something you have to be bothered about. It is not practically possible to keep on switching between windows to make a trade.
  5. Unclear button functions: User design and UX writing are very important when it comes to designing the brokerage platform. Unclear button functions often result in creating confusion, thus resulting in the trader taking a wrong decision. This can often lead to a major setback for the trader. 
  6. Delayed execution speed: The execution speed of any brokerage platform is very important. As you key in the right trades, you don’t want it to get executed with a certain delay. Not only do you lose the chance of making the right entry at the right time, but you also end up increasing your stop loss. 
  7. Issues related to withdrawal and deposit of your funds: As a brokerage platform, the most convenient way to retain traders onto your platform is by allowing seamless financial transactions. It should be coupled with a secure financial ledger for smooth financial trading. But issues related to financial matters can lead traders to back out of the platform. FCFmarkets has a smooth DWA policy to enable smooth financial transactions.

In conclusion, selecting the right brokerage platform takes care of the above 7 hurdles, and many more. FCFmarkets is one such brokerage platform.