Do you know what happens to authors who write books that educate? You may not be aware of all the possible consequences that he might face after publishing his book. It could lead to a life sentence. The stabbing incident of the 75-year old author has been reported widely in the United Kingdom (Netherlands), Canada ( United States), France ().

Death sentence

Fatwa can be translated as death sentence. Rushie, Iran’s supreme leader, received the death sentence for his work “The Satanic Verse,” a fictionalized account of the Prophet Mohammed.

After his death sentence had been issued, he fled New York. Yesterday, a man aged 24 attacked him while he was giving lectures. His wiki has been trending on internet. Ahmed Salman Rushdie is an American novelist. His novels are set primarily on the Indian subcontinent.

Fatwa Salman Rushdie Wiki

Salman’s parents were lawyers and businessmen. His mother was also a teacher. He has 3 sisters, and a brother. In 1976, he wed Clarissa and gave birth his son Zafar. The couple later split. He later married 3 women and was in many relationships with famous actresses, including Riya Sen, Pia Giln, Topaz, Olivia, and Topaz.

He is known for his novels and his passion for historical subjects. So, his novels tend to be about historical topics, civilizations, and other historical subjects. He also received the Booker Prize Award for his master’s thesis in history.

Salman works

In this section, you will find Fatwa Sana Rushdie Wiki career details. He is the king among words. His novels will include many realistic and surreal moments. His novels are:

  • Grimus (1975).
  • Midnight’s Children (1981), deals on modern India.
  • Shame (1983).
  • The satanic scriptures (1988) about Muhammad and transcripts (Quran)

His life was transformed by the satanic poem novel. AyatollahRuhollahKhomeini the Iranian supreme leader sentenced him for his work. The satanic text book was condemned by many religious leaders across the globe. He continued to write many nooks after the fact, including Moor’s LastSigh (ImaginaryHomelands), and so on.

What have you done?

Fatwa Salman Rushdie Wiki recently made headlines in the news media. Rushdie was a Chautauqua Institution lecturer in New York City, Friday. Hadi Matar from New Jersey, aged 24, physically assaulted Rushdie, stabbing him in the abdomen and neck. His nerves were, liver, eyes, and eyes were all badly damaged. The author is now on a ventilator.


The author is in a serious but stable stage. The reason for the assault was not immediately known. However, the police arrested the suspect. This article will discuss Fatwa Sulman Rushdie Wiki details.

He is a man that fights for people’s rights through his books.

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