Have you heard about tokens that are not fungible, that were promoted by an iconic American rock group? If so, you should go through this article to the very end to find all the pertinent details about the promotion.

Music and crypto enthusiasts in CanadaUnited States and United Kingdom are equally delighted by this news. The official Twitter handle of the band was a huge hit, as did the token of art that garnered an enormous amount of attention on social media. Learn the details about Fall Out Boy NFT.

What is Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is a famous rock band hailing that hails from Wilmette, Chicago. The band was in existence from 2001 to 2009 and continued to be active from 2013 until the present. The group includes Patrick Stump, famous for his singingtalents, as well Joe Trohman is the band’s guitarist. Andy Hurley played the drums as well as Pete Wentz played the bass.

The most popular genres that are performed by the group include pop, poop punk, pop EMO, emopop as well as alternative rock. “Take this to Your Grave” was their debut album and was a huge success in 2001. In addition, the album is regarded as to be the most influential pop punk album in the early 21st century.

Fall Out Boy NFT

  • 7 January 2022 Fall Out Boy’s official Twitter account Fall Out Boy posted a tweet that featured the invisible faces of members of the group. The image that was tweeted was an NFT developed in the name of Invisible Friends, popular NFT creators that have large communities of members.
  • The tweet also mentioned its official account for Invisible Friends. “We’re being invisible” is the tagline of the tweet NFT tweet sent from The Official Fall Out Boy Twitter page.
  • The tweet became viral, it was a huge hit, and Invisible Friends became the most talked about topic among NFT fans.

Reaction To Social Media

  • The tweet posted by Fall Out Boy NFT was met with mixed responses from users on Twitter.
  • A majority of the people questioned the release of their new album and didn’t inquire about their plans in NFT. NFT space.
  • Many people were disappointed with their first foray into the NFT market. Alex one of Twitter’s users responded with “Sugar We’re letting fans down” and 2.8K users supported his post.
  • One user Fin is concerned with the carbon emissions related to NFT minting, and suggested that the Fall Out Boy band release an album rather than entering to NFT space. Read more regarding Fall Out Boy’s NFT. Fall Out Boy NFT.

When does NFT Drop?

  • It is expected that the NFT drops for Invisible friends will be held at the end of January 2022.
  • During the NFT decline, around 5000 NFTs will offer special deals.
  • The price of NFTs is not stated.
  • Follow Invisible Friends on Twitter and Discord for additional information about NFT drops.


NFT endorsements are increasing across different social media platforms as celebrities join forces with a variety of NFT creators. They are also getting involved in promoting and buying different NFTs.