Are you aware of Faizon Love? Faizon is a popular comedian across America. United States. He honed his skills by performing as a stand-up comedian actor, actor, and voice actor. People are enthralled by his humour and wit.

But, he had to face a lot of obstacles to get to this fame level. He had a variety of roles in the business and is renowned for his determination and hard-working approach. He has also been involved in a number of controversy which brought to his demise.

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The personal life from Faizon Loving

Faizon Love was born in Santiago, Cuba, the second largest city in America on the 14th day of July , 1968. He has Cuban, American nationality. His early years were spent in various cities such as California, San Diego, Newark as well as New Jersey.

This is because his father was an Navy man in the United States. Thus, the majority of his early life was spent in a military-like environment. He graduated from High School at New Jersey, where he discovered a love for stand-up comedy.

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The life of Faizon Love

Faizon was educated at New Jersey. After high school, he moved into New York for graduation. He began acting as a stand-up comic and made his debut as actor in the film “Bitter Heart Midtown..’

List of Films performed in by Faizon The Love

  • Meteor Man. Meteor Man.
  • The parent Hood.
  • Friday.
  • Name: Earl. Earl.
  • The Big House.
  • Black-ish.
  • Out Town.

Award and Recognition

Presently, there are none of his awards to show. But, he has been awarded numerous awards and accolades that helped him to achieve the heights.

Faizon Love Net Value 2021

Faizon Love is well-known as an actor and comedian. So, his main source of income comes from comedy programs and acting. He has performed his best in a variety of TV shows and films. His current net worth is $10 million.


Faizon became famous because of his violent behavior that marred his image in the business. Because of his erratic behavior police detained him. The incident took place at Columbus International Airport.

He was not found innocent in this case. Then, it was appealed without contest, he was the sentence was suspended for 180 days and a 500 dollar fine.

How did it become being talked about?

Faizon Love Net Worth 2021 is the hottest topic of the moment due to another issue raised by the actor.

Friday is the iconic 90s film in which Faizon Love was the lead character Big Worm. It is currently getting attention because of several actors who claim being robbed of their Friday Team.

Faizon Love claimed that he was just paid $2500, which wasn’t enough to cover the cost of the role.

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