Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry fees are a major annoyance for many motorists in Singapore. No wonder they will have a cash card in the in-vehicle units (IUs) on most occasions to pay the ERP charges. With insufficient value in your cash card, approaching the ERP gantry can make you feel jumpy. 

Don’t break into a sweat! You can now use ezpay or EZ-Pay to pay ERP charges and drive through ERP gantries without fretting about insufficient funds in your card or having a card in your IU.

What is ezpay?

It is a post-paid cardless payment service offered by EZ-link to motorists in Singapore to pay their ERP and car parking fees automatically. 

To enable the EZ-Pay service, you need to register for an EZ-Pay account with your credit or debit card. For instance, DBS Card helps you to start an EZ-Pay account by providing your vehicle and card details. Once you receive the effective start date, the ERP fees will be directly billed to your debit or credit card.

What are the benefits of using EZ-Pay?

EZ-Pay is the latest payment method for your ERP and vehicle parking charges. With it, you can enjoy the benefits like:

  • Convenience

You can charge ERP and car-parking fees directly to your preferred debit or credit card and have them paid automatically. With the ezpay facility, you can have a seamless driving and parking experience in Singapore. 

  • No fines

Drive through ERP gantries without any worries, for the ERP charges are directly billed to your card. There are no fines for insufficient funds or no card in the IU. Your journeys are made smoother and more enjoyable the ezpay cardless payments. 

  • No top-ups required

EZ-Pay helps you to link with your debit or credit card account, and hence, you do not require any top-ups separately. The ERP payments are directly charged to your card account. That makes you not have your cash card in your IU or worry about insufficient balance.

  • No service fee

Banks that have their cards accepting EZ-Pay, for instance, DBS Bank, offer free service. There is no subscription fee or charge for linking the debit or credit card.

  • Easy sign-up process

You can easily register for the ezpay facility by filling out the application form with general details and submitting it with supporting documents. The account is processed within 48 hours, wherein you will receive a confirmation email with an effective start date.

How can you register for an ezpay service?

To start an EZ-Pay account, you can log on to the relevant link through the DBS/POSB official website. 

  • Fill in your NRIC/FIN number and car plate number in the application
  • Add your preferred bank and the credit card number
  • Confirm the IU number
  • Wait until the application is processed
  • Receive the confirmation through email with an effective start date
  • An earmarking amount is made to your card to authenticate the card owner’s identity and validity during the registration. It will be released back after the holding period.  

You can now drive peacefully through ERP gantries with IU equipped with ezpay.