Café Umbrellas

There is a genuine reason why café umbrellas and restaurant umbrellas have a large following among people looking for temporary shade solutions. They are practical and fashionable at the same time. They block the harmful UV rays and the sporadic showers, and amplify the ambience of an outdoor space. There are few other accessories that have such dual-purpose application as the outdoor umbrella. Here’s how the ubiquitous outdoor umbrella can help create beautiful moments in the outdoor.

For your business 

If you are a café owner it is essential for you to have a faithful customer base. This helps in spreading your café’s name by word-of-mouth. One of the sure-shot ways of spreading the word is by offering your customers something extra. 

If you have an unutilised space lying around inside your property, turn it into a revenue-earner by converting it into a lounge with the help of restaurant umbrellas.  Your customers will love to enjoy casual afternoons in the shade of your commercial café umbrella. Romantic dinner-dates become magical in an ambient lighting setup under the shade of an outdoor umbrella. Let your customers feel the magic and increase your revenue many folds. 

Promoting a brand is exciting and challenging at the same time. An effective promotion campaign can take a brand to a large audience at a modest expenditure in a short time. The restaurant patio umbrellas for sale in the market can be easily customised with the brand colours and logo of a business. They are inexpensive and easy to install. 

The presence of branded outdoor umbrellas helps create a landmark for potential customers. If they like what the business has on offer, the customers begin to associate with the brand and the user-experience it offers. Needless to say the outdoor umbrella is the medium through which customers connect with the brand. 

For your house

The outdoor umbrella comes in many iterations. If you have a nice garden that you want to convert into a place to hang out with your friends and family, install the garden umbrella. It will seamlessly merge with the surrounding foliage and augment the design cues of your garden furniture. Afternoon tea and evening refreshments become much more exciting in the shade of the garden umbrella.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, use the pool umbrella to turn your poolside into a cool lounge. Chill on a lounger in the shade of your umbrella so that you can have some fun in the sun without being affected by the harmful UV radiations. You are also safe from the rain, should it come. 

A nice bespoke umbrella can turn your patio into a place to enjoy the fresh air outside. A cool setup complete with a patio umbrella, outdoor sofa-set, tables and a grill can weave magic and turn your patio into the place your guests absolutely love. From barbeque on a summer or spring day to cocktail parties in the cool evening breeze, you get to relish every moment spent in your patio thanks to your patio umbrella. The outdoor umbrella turns an empty patio into an extension of the indoors. 

Essential tips for buying your perfect outdoor umbrella

Make sure you measure your outdoor space before buying your commercial café umbrella. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure not to cram a large umbrella into a small space. Leave at least two feet of empty space on all sides of the umbrella canopy. Your umbrella should match your furniture setup. 

If the décor of your patio follows a minimalist design theme, you can choose a contemporary cantilever or side-post outdoor umbrella with a square or rectangular canopy. The umbrella canopy is your design canvas. Choose colours and design themes that match your patio. You have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. While all of them are UV and water-proof, they have very different textures. Choose a fabric that matches the fabric of your outdoor couch. 

There are many ways of turning your patio into an exciting place with the help of an outdoor umbrella. Follow your instincts and choose what’s best for your outdoor setup.