Photography as an art has experienced tremendous growth over the years. This is evident with the constant development of technology. Photography has grown from bulky cameras to handheld devices.

Since almost everybody has exposure to cameras, learning photography has also risen. The background of a photo can determine the outcome of the picture. Choosing the right background for your image can be a daunting task.

Backgrounds can prove challenging for people with little to no experience in the field. This article explores factors to consider before choosing the right background for large scale photographic prints.

1.      Lighting

Light plays a significant role while choosing your background. Light will determine the texture and the feel of your photo. It can be classified as either natural or artificial light.

Natural light or daylight is the light produced by the sun during the day. On the other hand, objects such as light bulbs are emitted artificial light. The lighting of your background will determine how your photo will look like.

If you aim to give a natural feel to your photo, you should move outdoors. You can also move near sources of natural light such as windows. On the other hand, you can also contact a professional photo studio because they have expertise and skills in photography.

2.      Your plan for your subject

What do you intend for your subject to look like? What do you plan to accomplish with your issue? What message would you like your subject to give out?

These are few questions you should ask yourself. The type of background you choose will determine how your viewers interpret your photo. It is advisable to select a location that captures your viewer’s attention.

Photos can be used to give a particular narrative. Your background will aid in achieving this. For instance, choose a set full of flowers if you intend on showing the beauty of nature.

3.      Point of view

Your position will determine what the background of your subject is. If you shift your position even slightly will dramatically alter the backdrop. It is good to have different perspectives while taking a photo.

As a good photographer, you should try different sides to see the result. If you find a suitable background, try shifting a bit. You may never know what is in store; it might be better.

Having a different point of view does not restrict you to positioning. Try using various equipment and see the results—for instance, the use of varying lenses.

 If you change the focal length of your lens, you will have a very different outcome. In addition, if you use other lighting equipment, the result will always be different.


Photography requires one to be highly creative. You do not need any formal education to take the best picture. It only requires you to be creative.

There are many factors to consider while choosing your background. Other than light, point of view and contrast will always come into play. The above article answers how to choose the right background for your large scale photographic prints. So read on and remember always to experiment.