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Also called ‘med spas,’ a med spa Orange County provides a relaxing atmosphere where a non-invasive cosmetic treatment occurs. But even though the procedure involved in this lucrative field is a non-invasive one, its reputation is pretty unclear. Some of its treatments may involve considerable risks. For this reason, it’s critical to seek help from a qualified and experienced professional such as My Botox LA Med Spa.

Does a Med Spa and a Regular Day Spa Differ

Medispa differs wildly from regular day spas as it offers non-surgical cosmetic and medical treatment. The atmosphere in a spa is calm and serene, and the treatment targets to rejuvenate unhealthy or damaged skin. This operation is often under the care of an aesthetic doctor, plastic surgeon, or trained physician. 

By leveraging multiple therapies and cutting-edge cosmetic technology, a medspa can treat a wide range of actual medical skin conditions, including skin aging,  wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, acne, fine line, sun damage, and dermatological conditions. They also have a long-lasting effect on real rejuvenation. 

On the other hand,  a day spa deals in superficial facials, waxing, mud baths, massaging, pedicures and manicures. With their design for pampering and relaxation, they induce calm and feelings of well-being. A well-trained and licensed aesthetician performs these services.

But med spa sources incorporate both medical – and day spas. For example, wrinkles and facial rejuvenation are treated with fillers and botox. Others include dermatological combinations therapies for acne, aging skin, birthmarks, and blood vessels using chemical peels, laser therapy, cosmeceuticals, and micro-needling for lasting results. 

With the more invasive and intensive therapies offered in a medspa, a medical professional should be on-site during the operation. Anything less, you risk having various side effects, including swelling or skin reddening.

What you Should Expect at a Medi Spa

Expect to interact with licensed nurses, physicians, and physician assistants—the professionals providing medical spa services. Physician duty is managing a medispa, but not mandatory to stay on-site. Also, unlike hospitals, medical spas lack rigid regulations governing their operation, which may birth worrisome standards in most states. 

Experts recommend consultation and documentation for checking-Ins as medispas are considered a medical facility. You’ll have to allow enough time for identification, answer all questions, and complete paperwork. For example, a medical spa questionnaire may include questions concerning one’s health and medical history —allergies, lifestyle habits like exercise, and former medications. In some spas, you may have to carry alongside HIPAA paperwork, office policies, mutual arbitration, and documents relating to revisions. 

Depending on your treatment, you may also have to get a particular consent form. Any chemical peel, injectable, or laser carry with them a consent form from manufacturers outlining benefits, complications, and risks. Some forms may even include general clinical findings that help you expect the right results.


Some medspa facilities may seclude consultation-only for first-timers, while others allow both consultations and treatment to occur on the same visit. Your treatment type also affects whether the doctor will administer treatments on the first visit. For example, your attendant will consider certain contraindications before lasers, chemical peels, fillers, injectables. For instance, if you’ve had aspirin in the past week, injectables become a risky option, following aspirin’s blood-thinning properties. 


When you get to a med spa, expect to hear a couple of questions. The following questions should be asked in a medspa setting and put under consideration before patients are made liable for immediate treatment. What treatments are you having? Do you use any products—how often? Are you scheduled for a special occasion—when? 


Medspa branding and the company’s nature determine ambiance—similar to a traditional spa. While multiple spas may come in a European style, you may find those that are rainforest-themed. Some spas may also feature channel-inspired decor—these incorporate soft touches reminiscent of lovely decor and soothing music to more inviting furniture. Some may even entitle clients to refreshments.


 Although it falls back to the nature of treatment you are yearning for, most med spas will provide you with a pair of slippers and a robe (prior to treatment). More often than not, this style is necessary during facial treatments and chemical peels. In addition, patients going in for pre-surgical consultations may have to wear a paper gown. Contrary to this, injectables or fillers may not impose rules on attire. However, whether you’ll have to expose more skin during treatment depends on the part of the body under treatment.