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More than 8 million users cannot go wrong, can they?

It is no surprise that DraftKings is one of the world’s most popular daily fantasy sports platforms, with more than 8 million users.

But if you have never played fantasy games before, the idea behind daily fantasy sports could be confusing, and simultaneously, choosing DraftKings.

If you want to get a proper DraftKings review and know, will it be helpful or not, let’s first understand its functioning.

How Does DraftKings Work?

By compressing the schedule, DraftKings applies the model of fantasy sports. You can establish a team based on the baseball games played on a single day instead of selecting a club for the full season. A winner of the fantasy sports match is announced following the conclusion of all games on that day, and players can participate in new contests and form new teams the next day.

It implies that hundreds to thousands of daily fantasy tournaments are available on DraftKings at any moment. On the same day, players can participate in many games, setting up a new fantasy lineup for each one or spreading their games across other sports.

Additionally, other contest styles are offered. For instance, some games are part of tournaments, while others award prizes to all players in the upper half of the field. Still, other games are head-to-head competitions.

Furthermore, for most competitions on the platform, DraftKings offers cash prize payouts. Certain competitions have variable awards depending on the number of competitors and their final results. Others provide guaranteed prize payouts that can reach millions of dollars, especially platform-wide events with no participant cap.

Do You Need to Pay an entry fee to DraftKings?

Most of DraftKings’ daily fantasy sports competitions charge an entry fee. However, the cost to form a team and compete can be fairly low; it’s less than $1. Entry costs for guaranteed prize payouts will probably be higher. An ante of up to $10,000 is required for the largest tournaments on DraftKings.

Nevertheless, DraftKings hosts a sizable number of free-to-enter tournaments. Many of these are designed with beginners in mind, letting you test out the software and practice playing daily fantasy sports risk-free. It’s impressive how many of DraftKings’ free-to-enter games provide cash awards for the winners.

Does DraftKings Offer a Deposit Bonus?

In addition to a free entry into a contest with a $3 entry fee, DraftKings gives new players the chance to double their original investment up to $600. DraftKings also reward players that refer friends to the website.

Users will receive $20 in DK currency if they share a specific referral link via email, Facebook, or Twitter that encourages others to register and make a deposit on DK. The site will reward the gamer who refers others to DK.

Four months after its initial acceptance, any bonus expires. For every 100 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) accumulated, the initial welcome bonus is $1. FPPs are acquired each time a player enters a competition. Players can trade their accumulated FPPs for free contest tickets and other rewards, such as DraftKings items.

How Do You Sign Up for DraftKings?

Registering is simple; you must visit the DraftKings website with your email address or Facebook account.

Before you begin investigating the available daily fantasy sports competitions, there is no need to make a financial deposit. You can fund your account using PayPal, a credit card, or a bank account if you want to participate in paid games.


Although there’s always a chance you could hit the jackpot and win thousands, keeping your expectations in control is probably a good idea, especially if you’re a novice player.