There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Bingo. It is one of the most highly admired games with a long history. From children to adults, everyone has engaged in this activity at some point. Even today, the game is luring thousands of gamers. 

For the longest time, Bingo has been a social game. It was predominantly played in Bingo halls, church events, or community parties. People even hosted Bingo nights at their homes. But the pandemic put a dent in large gatherings, which made people quickly turn their attention to online Bingo games. And why not? 

Online platforms offer such fabulous Bingo varieties that you cannot get bored of playing even if you want to. You can try your hand at 75 ball bingo or switch it up with 90 ball bingo. When you miss your days at the casinos, you can play Slingo (a combination of Bingo and slot games). 

So, without further ado, download Bingo game and step into the world of virtual fun where you can compete against multiple real-life online players. You can start by playing free practice games to sharpen your skills. These free games are pretty intense because you get to compete against an online player with equal or better skills than you. The stakes are high when participating in multiplayer tournaments by paying an entry fee. Then, you need to ensure you win the match and dominate the scoreboard to take home the tournament money. 

Did you know you can enhance your winning chances by implementing a few strategies? If you consider partaking in cash-winning Bingo tournaments, you’ll need to remember the following tactics. Read on to learn more. 

  • Play tournaments when there aren’t many players online 

Typically, the more players are playing, the larger the jackpot. But that’s not the case with Bingo games. The prize money doesn’t decrease or increase according to the number of players playing. 

Your primary objective must be to play tournaments when fewer players are online. If there are few opponents, your probability of winning increases. 

So, ensure to play at odd hours, such as late at night or mornings. But, of course, you can also play during the weekdays. 

  • Eliminate all distractions before you start playing 

Online Bingo games feature a countdown timer, and matches usually last three to five minutes. There’s also a daub timer. Players need to daub the number on their screen on their virtual Bingo card as soon as they see it. So, if you can daub it instantly, you will score bonus points. 

Therefore, while playing a match, you cannot have your emails or WhatsApp notifications disturbing you. However, these notifications might distract you for a second, which may cost you the win. 

  • Don’t forget to socialize with the Bingo players or join a forum 

One of the most significant advantages of playing Bingo matches online is chatting and mingling with virtual players. While it will not instantly enhance your chances of winning, it will give you a glimpse into the tactics used by other players. You can also join Bingo forums and groups to take part in discussions. Such platforms will provide you with an insight into how the minds of experienced Bingo players work. In addition, you can take pointers from them to increase your skills. 

  • Become a pro at utilizing the Granville strategy 

Although you cannot do anything about the random Bingo numbers appearing on your screen, there’s a lot you can do by following Granville’s strategy. The strategy is quite popular and adopted by many players. Moreover, the tactic is adopted by stock market analysis specialists to predict price movements. 

The theory of Granville insists on basic Bingo card check rules to augment your winning chances. For instance, you need to have an equal number of low and high numbers or an equal number of odd and even numbers. Also, you can have equal numbers that end with 1, 2, 3….9. 

  • Try the Tippett theory 

The Tippett theory is a less adopted Bingo strategy, but it works. Tippett, a British statistician, came up with this theory to enhance the odds of winning a Bingo match. After conducting thorough assessments of probabilities and statistics, he suggested that the longer a game of 75 ball bingo is, the more likely the Bingo balls are drawn close to the number 38. But if the game is shorter, the numbers will be drawn closer to the number 1 and 75. 

So, according to this theory, you need to select virtual Bingo cards that are either closer to the median number (38) or numbers closer to 75 or 1.

Final thoughts 

Bingo is an engaging activity, and it will keep you entertained for hours. If cash-winning games are prohibited where you stay, you can enjoy free practice games. These free games are equally exciting, like our Bingo Clash review, and intense because you can compete with opponents. Bingo Clash app and play for real money right from your smartphone. Also, these practice games are ideal for sharpening your skills before participating in tournaments to win real cash prizes and rewards. 

Before entering any ongoing tournament, keep in mind the tips mentioned above. The proper implementation of those strategies can aid you in winning lucrative cash prizes. In addition, it will increase your chances of winning and make you a pro at playing Bingo games. So now, download the game and start practicing these tactics. Best of luck!