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Are you aware of the announcement of tokens that are non-fungible to honor the YouTube star’s popularity and issues the token creators were faced with on the major online platforms? If not, then read this article to learn more about the current social debates surrounding the token’s release.

Followers and fans of the YouTube star who hails from across the United States are deeply disappointed by the decision taken by the creators of the token. The public has expressed their displeasure on Facebook’s official twitter accounts of the token creators. Find out the details of Etika NFT.

About Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika)

Desmond Daniel Amofah, famously known as Etika was an American YouTuber as a model, rapper, and streamer online who gained fame for his reaction videos he made in Super Smash Bros. The YouTuber began his journey in 2006 after he made an accountcalled “TR1Iceman”.

Etika was a star with a massive following until the moment everything went downhill from October, 2018. In the beginning his official social media profiles and YouTube channels were shut down for posting content that was not in line with the social media guidelines. After the account was removed the user experienced a string of breakdowns, which eventually led to suicide.

Etika NFT

  • Etika art collections from NFTs were launched through the NFT marketplace. The NFT collection does not have any affiliation with Etika.
  • The creators of the collection named this collection EtikaPunks and announced the launch of NFT collections via the Twitter feed of their account.
  • The collection comprises four digital art pieces featuring Etika’s face.
  • The facial picture on NFT arts is identical with various background and accessory.
  • One NFT artwork had the sun as the background, while the other featured a bridge for an accent.
  • The painting of Etika holding the palm of a banana received a lot of critique.

Fans Response

  • Etika The NFT generally received negative comments through social media.
  • The majority of Etika supporters are dissatisfied with the announcement collection of NFT collections.
  • Followers and fans are using terms such as “disgraceful,” “disgusting,” and “gross” to express their opposition to the publication of NFT collections.
  • Celebrities such as Hype Guy have expressed their firm opposition to the release on the NFTs. The personal Twitter profile to send a message to EtikaPunks.
  • TheNCSmaster sent a tweet to his fans and followers to inform them and to block the account on Twitter belonging to EtikaPunks.

Etika Punks Marketplace

  • They are available on Rarible marketplace.
  • The contract address for Etika NFT is 0x31483dca8a8a8bfe0f688c7228aefd37a35ac452.
  • Out of the four NFT art forms of which three are offered accessible for public sale.
  • The buyer must make a payment in WETH tokens for the purchase of NFTs.
  • EtikaPunk 3, which cost 1.3 WETH, whereas EtikaPunk 2 was 0.01 WETH. EtikaPunk one cost 0.015 WETH.


Since NFT is a popular issue recently, people are looking to build art collections in order to increase their acceptance within the NFT market. There are a variety of opinions regarding the NFTs that are created through Etika and other social platforms.