Food spillages, heavy foot traffic, messy pets and dust are a few things to which your rug is exposed. Stains are inevitable occurrences for your rug. However, there is something that can be done to minimize the stains on your precious rugs. 

Keep reading to know more about the top 6 ways to avoid rug spots and stains and to keep your rug spotlessly clean. 

 1. Use a rug protector-

An amazing way of preventing future stains on new rugs is to apply a spot and stain-resistant treatment. It works as a shield for your rugs and provides them with some extra protection. By using these protectors, you can keep them away from dry soil or accidental spilling. These protectors are available in various types and also are wool-safe. So, you can consider using them for safeguarding your precious rugs from marks, blemishes and stains. Also, you might consider hiring rug cleaning services regularly which will help you to get a clean rug and also apply a protective layer on your rugs. 

2. Clean your rugs with a vacuum cleaner-

Stain prevention is possible by cleaning your rugs regularly with a vacuum cleaner before they start looking matted. Cleaning your rug from time to time can also help you to stop the staining and fading of the rug. If you wait till your rug is completely filthy, then it can be difficult for you to remove the stains later.  

3. Set a routine for rug cleaning- 

If you want to ensure effective rug stain removal, then setting a routine for rug cleaning is a useful alternative. Also, if you have heavy footfall in the area where you have placed your rug, then your carpets are continuously vulnerable to dust and dirt. That’s why it is important to maintain a routine for cleaning them. You can also consider hiring rug cleaning services regularly to ensure that your rugs are cleaned effectively.  

4. Utilise doormats for protection-

A door mat can work as good protection for your rug. You can place a mat near the entrance so that everyone entering your home will first wipe their feet on the mat and then enter the room.  

5. Clean the stains as fast as possible-

Accidents might happen even though you try hard to prevent them. So, in case of a spill, you need to act fast and clean the spill as soon as possible. Wasting time will make the stain settle in your rug fibres and become difficult to remove. 

6. Blot the stain-

If you have got a stain on the rug, then avoid scrubbing it. Instead, you can blot it out and try cleaning it gently with a white cloth. Scrubbing the stain will result in the spreading of the stain and also might damage the fibres.  
If you feel that rug stain removal is a tough task, then you can always consider hiring professional rug cleaning services and let experts assist you in stain removal. For more tips and ideas, connect with us right away!