Let’s face it: everyone loves their coffee. Some of us cannot begin the day without having a cup or two. Other individuals prefer a different kind of drink, such as an espresso. Luckily for us, there are available espresso machines that can do all the work. All you have to do is to enjoy the drink. But sometimes, our espresso machines have specific issues. It might be that the setup is damaged or missing a part. It can also be the coffee you put into the machine. In other cases, you might have to replace the machine – and the coffee – overall. If you prefer to get a new dispenser, you can check a commercial espresso machine here. You can still utilize the espresso machine after a simple repair job. Plus, you are in luck, for this article will guide you on how to do so.

Espresso Machine Issues And How To Fix Them

Here are some tell-tale signs that your espresso machine might have an issue or two. Check them out.

  • Cold coffee

Not everyone is a fan of cold coffee. However, some folks might enjoy it. But that is not the case for an espresso lover. So it might be that your machine is churning out cold coffee. If that is the case, the brewer might not have what it takes to make the appropriate temperature. It could also be that the filter holders inside are not hot. What you can do is switch the machine to position 2. That means you will have to wait for some time for the appliance to heat up to a specific temperature. 

You can lock filter holders into brewing groups. Then, you can flush hot water through them. You can do this step by pressing on the jug button for at least a minute and a half. In addition, you will have to leave the filters into brewing group heads. Do so after you make coffee. That way, the filters will maintain their temperature.

  • Too quick coffee dispense

Sometimes, the machine dispenses coffee way too fast. It might result in a cup having more than it contains. Not to mention that anyone holding it might have a hot time. Some aspects can explain this issue. It could be that the coffee in a filter holder has not been compressed or tamped enough. What you can do is remove the coffee from the filter holder. Replenish it from the grinder and tamp it with the appropriate pressure.

The grinder may also be in a coarse grind setting. All you have to do is to change the grinder settings. It could also be that there is not enough coffee in the filter holder. You can check the correct filter basket. The same aspect goes for the cup measurements as you place coffee in.

  • Coffee flowing too slow

It is the other way around for this issue. Now, the coffee is coming out way too slow. Can you imagine a guy waiting behind you about to lose his marbles waiting? One reason could be that a brewing group head in the machine is blocked. The best solution for this matter is to clean the baskets every day after usage.

You might have also placed too much coffee in the basket, which causes the slow flow. You better make sure that the measurement is exactly as you pour coffee into the filter. You can also check if you are using the appropriate filter basket. 

  • Sour coffee 

Tannic acid is responsible for making coffee taste sour. So you better not leave the coffee in the machine for days on end. Such an action will help with the aging process, which can explain the sour effect. Another way to avoid this kind of coffee is by adjusting the machine’s brewing temperature. Last, you might not be extracting the coffee enough. This process makes you get most of the tannic acid rather than the coffee itself.

  • Loud noise

Sometimes, you will hear a loud noise as you turn on the machine pump. What you can do is to look at the reservoir and see if it is full or not. Also, check if the water is turned on for any machine that has a direct water source. 

Another cause could be that the coffee grounds are too coarse. You can use finely-ground coffee to solve this issue.

How About Getting A New Coffee Machine

You have the option to get a new machine if your old one has issues that are too complicated to fix. Some of these troublesome issues might be deeper in the machine. It would be better to get a specialist to check first. That way, you can find out if your coffee machine is completely out of order. Or perhaps the specialist can still salvage your machine.

A standard coffee machine will cost you about a hundred dollars or less. But you can still opt for the more expensive alternatives if you have the cash to spare. These machines will be at around two to three hundred dollars. Some might even cost way more than that. Go ahead and check for coffee machine listings and sales online. It will be up to you to look for one that suits your budget.

Check everything first before you get yourself a new one. You can get your existing machine back up and running for a cheap price. It might be a rather practical choice than getting a brand-new one that might hurt your current finances.

One Final Note

Some espresso machine issues might be too complicated to work on alone. You can risk having more trouble. So, if things get extensive or messy, it would be best to get in touch with a professional. You can head online to find a repair service near you. They will do the work on your behalf. Not only that, but they will finish repairing your coffee machine in a day or less. You will be up and brewing your favorite coffee back in no time.