Gaming consoles such as PS4 or PS5 aren’t immune from mistakes. These are the digital gaming consoles that are susceptible to problems and errors. A lot of players and owners who own PS4 gaming consoles within the United States have encountered an issue when trying to transfer their trophies onto their consoles for gaming.

Some players have complained that the issue occurs when a code is WS-37073-0. This indicates that the trophies won by players in games aren’t transferred, and aren’t accessible. They are now searching for solutions to Error WS-377073-0. We will explore further to discover the solution of this problem.

How can I fix the WS-377073-0 Error that occurs in PS4?

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is a gaming console that is plagued by problems that stop gamers and players from playing online gaming. Some players who own PS4 within the United States have complained of a bug that stops them from synchronizing their achievements on the console.

Some gamers have complained that when trying to sync their trophy collections in their gaming consoles, they encounter an error code WS-37073-0. According to the sources, it’s a served-sided error that happens when the gaming server fails to function properly.

Which are common Solutions to Error WS-377073-0?

After analyzing and searching the internet, we discovered some typical fixes that people who have been people who have suffered from these issues were willing to share. The video tutorial is available and the fixes are explained in a videos, while other users have posted the solutions via discussions forums.

Whatever source you go to for the fix, it’s essential to know that it is a server-related problem and there isn’t anything to do except using the tips below to resolve Error WS-377073-0.

  • Click on the notification menu.
  • Click on the icon of the trophy you’ve earned
  • In the drop-down menu from which you can choose, select “View” details about the trophy
  • You’ll see the standard trophy that you have earned

These are the standard steps. However, if you have a problem, follow the tips below.

  • Click on the notification menu.
  • Look over the awards you’ve received. If you don’t find any trophies , return to the menu system
  • In the main menu you will need to erase all the system data of the game. Then, you can restart the game

You can also contact the developers or the publisher and ask them to transfer the trophies into the account on your PS4 account.

What are people’s reactions in the Face of Error?

The Error WS-377073-0 hinders a lot of gamers and players from accessing their trophy collections. After encountering the error players took to on social media to express their thoughts and to find an answer.

In addition the fact that some users have posted the error on the forum discussion in an attempt to fix the issue.


Gaming on PS4 is an enjoyable game. But , it can be a little irritating when gamers encounter the Error WS-377073-0. But, a few common solutions are in place to help you beat the error. Additionally, you need to know the basic things to do when you encounter an Error.