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Today’s article will focus on details regarding a barquentine (ship) that was lost in 1915. This is a hot subject in the United States. Recent updates about the ship have made everyone shake, almost after nearly 106 years.

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What does Endurance mean?

Before getting into the details regarding the recent updates let’s look at the basics of Endurance. This will give you the facts and all the tips that are necessary to be familiar with the ship.

The ship-launched Endurance took place in 1912. The route of this three-masted barquentine was Sandefjord – Norway. For the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, this ship was manned by a 27-member crew and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The ship was then crushed by an icepack in 1915. However, all the crew members survived.

Endurance Ship Found

If you are wondering why it took 10 years to find a damaged ship, these pointers will surprise you. Experts confirmed that the ship was located at nearly 10,000 feet deep in the Weddell sea.

Many consider this an important moment in the history of the Polar World. Others also note that the shipwreck is still intact and in excellent condition. It is also possible to see the Endurance writing on the ship from the stern.

This article will provide more information about the history of the ship.

Endurance Ship Wiki

Ernest was assigned to this ship during World War I. There was also a 27-member crew who were part of the plan. They wanted to find new places to explore the ice, so they had to travel with them.

In 1915 January, the ship was suddenly lifted from the sea and found itself trapped on Antarctica’s ice coast. Crew members loved the ship for months and planned on saving it. However, he failed to realize his goal and had to abandon Endurance.

Journey to Find the Missing Ship

This was a long journey which began in South Africa, on 5 February.

John Shears led the expedition and located the landmark underwater in the preservation condition. All the elements needed for the climb, including the ropes and stairs, are still intact. It was described as a journey that took place yesterday.

Final Verdict:

If you love polar history and the related events, it will surprise you to know that Endurance was lost in 1915 but is now back after almost 106 year.

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