A social media post mentioning cash rewards from a well-known airline from the middle east has been shared. Are you curious to find out if this post is true? Please read on to find out if the viral post is credible.

Social media users in the United States as well as the United Kingdom are curious to learn more about the Emirates Anniversary Scam. Let’s dive into this topic and find out more about one of the most talked-about topics on the Internet.

Trending Emirates Competition Post

An online competition for Emirates Airlines has gone viral, particularly among WhatsApp users. Users are asked to take part in an online contest to win 10,000 Emirati dirhams.

After receiving a lot of queries online and on Emirates Airline’s website, Emirates officials advised the users that there is no connection between the Emirates 37TH Anniversary Scam.

Why is Emirates Competition Trending in

  • Popularity is due to the attractive prize money.
  • In 2018, scammers ran a similar competition using a similar viral post.
  • To reach a wider online audience, the scammers used Emirates Airlines’ popularity to their advantage.
  • This post is most popular on WhatsApp and includes a link to the website.
  • The provided link takes you to a page with surveys.
  • The user must answer four questions. The website mentions that the user has the opportunity to win 10,000 dirhams.

Emirates Anniversary Scam

  • Emirates Airlines was forced to cancel the competition after it became a trending topic and people started asking questions online about the fake competition.
  • Officials from the airline cautioned users against falling for clickbait.
  • Emirates advised that you check the official Emirates website. A social media platform that has a blue tick must be verified for online competitions.
  • If in doubt, customers are advised to contact Emirates customer service numbers directly.

How can you spot fake online competition?

  • Verification tick: Large companies use official verified accounts when contacting customers about offers or competitions. Learn more about the Emirates Anniversary Scam.
  • Official website: Once you have received a message or mail, check the details on the official company website.
  • Consider the reward: Scammers often use large rewards to lure and spam victims.
  • Simple Surveys: The majority of scam competitions make it easy for users to complete simple surveys online in just a few seconds.


Emirates Arline officials have declared the scam of the Emirates Online Competition that rewards Emirati Dirhams. Be a smart internet user and avoid such online scams.

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