Many of the people of the world aren’t shown on television however their contribution to improving of lives and, in turn, saving them are many. One woman from in the United States has been a huge help to others throughout her lifetime.

Elizabeth Mahoney M is an inspirational figure for numerous countries, including the United Kingdom. This article will expose the hardships and difficulties she had to face throughout her life. Keep in touch to her story as it will inspire all of us. Therefore, please take the time to read this article.

Who was Elizabeth Mahoney?

On the 7th of May 8th, 1845 Mary Eliza was born in Boston, Unites States. Mary Eliza was the first woman who had completed her nursing school. This title inspired many women who decided to study nursing. She was admitted to Phillips School. She wanted to be nurse when she saw the need nurses in The American Civil War.

At the turn of 19th-century, Black females were never allowed to finish their education. However, Elizabeth Mahoney was adamant about breaking all the social rules and taboos to complete her education.

The career and work of Mary Eliza

We know that when she graduated from the field of nursing. Mary was a private nurse and earned her a high reputation. She worked for a number of white and wealthy families. She also cared for infants as well as new mothers, and traveled to other locations such as New Jersey. She was discriminated against as an African-American nurse. But she was always determined to eradicate the prejudices of the white population as they treated them like household servants.

Achievements of Elizabeth Mahoney M

In her nursing career, she was honoured and received numerous awards. A few of them include:

  • The Mary Mahoney Award was created by NACGN in 1936.
  • A dialysis centre located in Boston Heritage Trail has been named in her honor.
  • Lecture series founded under her name.
  • Introduced in American Nurses Association in 1976 (Hall of Fame).

As an African-American nurse she never received this recognition before, as white people believed in patriarchy. However, thanks to her hard work and efforts she was able to achieve many of these awards in her life. Based on our research about Elizabeth Mahoney we have discovered a lot about this remarkable lady and many women are likely to follow her example.

Death of Eliza

Eliza has served and contributed with great dedication to the field of nursing. She passed away on the 4th of January, 1926. At the age of seventy, she was diagnosed as suffering from breast cancer in 1923. She battled this disease for about three years. She devoted her entire life to the needs of other people. Her grave is located at Woodlawn Cemetery.


As we wrapped up our material In the end, we discovered we discovered that Elizabeth Mahoney was a fierce fighter who never quit. She defied all societal rules and believed in her own abilities. She served her country with integrity.