But, are do you know about the latest scams on the market? It’s an Elf on the Shelf kit. The fraudster was clever enough to fool innocent mothers in Houston, United States. Thus, they filed complaints and the police. Look over the following article that is focused on scams like the Elf On Shelf Shelf Scam.

What exactly is Elf in Shelf? Shelf Kit?

It’s the time of Christmas. It is also the time to celebrate the advent of Santa’s Elfen. The tale of Santa Elfs began in the children’s book called A children Tradition. The book entices children by accepting the tiny human beings known as Santa Elves. The book explains the tale of the elves that hide in the home and observe the child who is naughty.

The Elf On the Shelf kit tells the storyand kids are always eager playing with this toys. Parents also get an exciting opportunity to test their lying abilities.

Before we get into how to decipher the Elf On the Shelf Scam, let us look at the steps of the way in which the scam was conducted.

How was the fraud executed?

A few moms in Houston pointed out the problem. The problem was that they didn’t receive their Elf On the Shelf kit they placed an order for. The gorgeous kit that was a hit with many mothers was offered on Facebook in groups.

The price was 50 dollars and the client paid only half of the cost (25 dollars) as a deposit. But, following the placing an order and making payment, the kit has not arrived. The seller didn’t respond even after numerous messages or phone calls.

Warning in Pearland on Elf on the Shelf Scam .

Every year, children are overwhelmed with Christmas decorations and this year as well. Therefore, every parent will be buying Elf at the Shelf for their children.

But parents of Pearland received a caution from police.

The police department in Pearland published the warning on their page. Officers are alerted for the fraud that has been reported within Facebook groups. This scam was perpetrated when buying Elf at the Shelf and the seller of the product was unable to provide it to the customers.

What’s the reason this is the current trend?

Elf on the Shelf Scamwas carried out on the most popular Social media site, Facebook. This is the season of Christmas for children and, as such parents are looking for special and valuable products for their Christmas decorations. But, there was the increase in reports from mothers who claimed to have been fraudulent after purchasing the Elf On the Shelf kit, which has put this scam popular in recent times.

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The final verdict

This report will explain the steps and the statement made for Elf On the Shelf Scam . Many moms lost money to fraudsters. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate the legitimacy of any product prior to you try it.