This article contains all information about El Cholo Death Video. It also discusses his autopsy report, and how he was found.

Have you seen El Cholo’s confession video? El Cholo is already dead and he shares details about his crime in his confession video. Many people from around the United States are interested in his crimes. We can help you with any questions about this topic.

This article will provide information about El Cholo Death Video as well as all related information.

What was the Death video of El Cholo’s?

El Cholo’s video, which was circulated online, contains a confession about his actions. He is shown with five men in hoods and guns who are all fully covered. He took responsibility for the past crimes in that video.

He admitted that he was responsible for the massacre on La Jauja Island where eleven people were killed on February 27, 2021. In the video, he also said that he had ordered a grenade to be fired at the US Consulate on December 30, 2018 in order to heat the entire city.

How did people get up after El Cholo Death Video Tweet ?

People didn’t take long to make El Cholo’s video viral when it was posted online. This video is a viral sensation, thanks to Reddit and Twitter. You will be shocked at the details of El Cholo’s crimes after watching this video. It was both shocking and frightening at the same moment.

He was led to his deathbed by this video, and police discovered his body on a bench just hours after it was shared.

El Cholo’s death, according to his Autopsy Photos ?

His Autopsy report states that he was shot three more times in the head, and that he had four injuries, which indicates that a sharp object may have stabbed him. Eight toes were removed and his eyes were gouged. His tongue was also pulled out, but not chopping off.

What people thought about El Cholo Reddit Photos?

Anonymously, El Cholo was abducted by people who posted a photo showing his face. El Cholo was grinning and his hair was being grabbed by someone. The video and photos seemed to be a horror movie plot, but people were both terrified and calm.

Information On El Cholo

  • Carlos Enrique Sanchez Martines was his full name
  • He was originally from Guadalajara in Jalisco
  • He was the leader in Mexico of a cartel.

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The final Verdict

It is not yet known who the person behind El Cholo’s death video has been. However, the video contains a confession about the crimes El Cholo committed with his mouth.