Question1: What kind of certification is CCNA certification?

Answer: The full English name of CCNA certification (what is CCNA?) is Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is the preliminary exam of Cisco professional certification (Cisco certification). Obtaining this certification can prove that you have mastered the basic knowledge of the network and can initially install, configure and operate Cisco routers, switches, and simple LANs and WANs.

Question2: How many levels does Cisco’s professional certification include?

Answer: Cisco’s professional certification(find it here) is divided into “pre-sales series” and “after-sales series.” “Pre-sale series” includes CCNA, CCDA, CCDP; “After-sale series” includes CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. “Pre-sale Series Certification” requires the ability to design complex LANs, WANs and switched local area networks with appropriate network knowledge and skills in equipment installation, configuration and operation. “Aftermarket Series Certification” requires the ability to install, configure, and operate a network using a variety of protocols and technologies, as well as the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot. No matter which series, CCNA is a first-level certification, and CCIE is the highest certification in the Cisco certification system (what is CCIE?), it is a full recognition of your various network knowledge and technology and Cisco product installation, operation and configuration.

Question3: Is the CCNA certification exam difficult?

Answer: Cisco’s professional certification is recognized as a relatively difficult and valuable certification, and it is not easy to take the exam, because it requires a real understanding of the basic concepts of the network. Moreover, in order to prevent its professional certification from becoming very mediocre, Cisco is constantly adjusting its focus and difficulty. Now the CCNA certification has been upgraded to version 3.0, the focus is more practical, and the routing and switching parts have been strengthened, while the OSI reference model part has been reduced, and the score has increased to 849 points, so the difficulty can be imagined. 

Question4:  Is Cisco’s professional certification often upgraded? 

Answer: Cisco’s professional certification is not like Microsoft’s certification. It needs to be upgraded frequently with the upgrade of the operating system. However, in order to ensure that the knowledge of certified engineers remains at a relatively new level, Cisco requires CCNA and CCNP to re-certify every 3 years, which is valid for 3 years, while CCIE requires recertification every 2 years.

Question5: What is the exam method for CCNA certification? And how many times a year can you take the exam?

Answer: The CCNA exam is a computer-based exam, that is, all test centers can take the exam. Ordinary test machine institutions use rometric certified test centers. If you feel more confident, you can participate at any time (if it is the first time, you must register at the test center 3 working days in advance).

Question 6: How much is the exam cost? And what other documents and information are required for registration?

Answer: The exam cost is 125 US dollars (RMB 1110). If you participate in the Cisco network training (IT training) class, you can get a 40% discount from Cisco if you score more than 70 points on all 4 exams during the study period. Bring your ID card when registering, in addition, provide accurate Chinese and English unit names and addresses and contact numbers.

Question 7: What kind of foundation is needed to study CCNA courses?

Answer: CCNA is the first-level certification of Cisco’s network knowledge and technology, so learning will be carried out from a complete system, and it does not require too much computer foundation, but if there is a certain foundation, it may be easier to understand some concepts some. In addition, to obtain certification, there are certain requirements for English, because the certification exam is written in English. The learning tutorials and online exams provided by Cisco’s online learning system are in English. For details, please refer to the CCNA study guide.

Question 8: How does getting CCNA certification affect your career?

Answer: CCNA certification is Cisco’s professional certification, so the successful acquisition of this certification proves that the knowledge and technical level of the network has reached the qualification of a network engineer, and can directly engage in network work. In addition, due to the in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the network, it will also be of great help to other network-related work. For more related content, please visit the CCNA exam certification channel.