Instagram is the most using social media sites in the world. Businesses and brands use it to increase their brand reach and awareness, lead generation, sales, marketing and promotion and to connect with their customers and potential customers. Therefore it becomes imperative to have a full fledged content plan for Instagram to promote your business.

In this article I will provide some of the ways to create Instagram Content in way which promotes your business to the fullest and help you to get instagram followers fast.

#1. Specify your Goals

When you don’t know what you want to achieve with your Instagram strategy, you are bound to get lost. Therefore, before anything else, having a clear cut goal is very important.

Your goal can be anything as in

  • Growing audience
  • Building a community
  • More engagement
  • Driving Website Traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Generating more sales

Anything from above or something else can be the goal. It will make a content strategy much more goal oriented, specific and efficient.

#2. Create a content Plan

Now that you have a clear goal, take a look on your company’s marketing calender. Analyse the following

  • Any new product or service launch
  • Events
  • Sales and Discount offers
  • Holiday and celebrations
  • New content like blogs, videos, etc. so that you can sync Insta content with them

Now when you have an understanding of the marketing plan, create a content plan for Instagram which is in sync with it.

Make sure to have variety in them. Do just do feed posts, Create plans and research topics for Stories, reels, videos, etc.

Add personal to your contents as well. Make sure to add some customer stories or anecdotes which can make your plan much more efficient.

#3. Create a theme and an aesthetic account

Aesthetic is as much important as your content. Instagram is a visual platform and therfore visual content and your accounts aesthetics holds much importance as well. So in your content plan , make sure to have a consistent theme to make it a visual treat as well as attractive to the people who visit your profile.

#4. Create content by collaborating with other accounts and Influencers

Content Creation is definitely a long process. However there is one thing which can ensure much more reach and promotion on Instagram. That is cross promotion or collaborations.

You can collaborate with a similar business or a complimentary brand your business with your account. It will be a win-win situation for both brands. You can be visible and be out there for their audience which can be a target audience for you and vice versa.

Same goes for cross promotions. You can make a strategy and pitch similar or complementary businesses to promote your products, and you do the same for them.

#5. Focus on People Centric Content

The thing about instagram is that you cannot do away with people centric content. It is true for every social media platform out there but instagram is a place where these types of content rules. The popularity of selfies, the popularity of tbh or ask me anything on stories, or the mini vlogs and life stories and incidents on reels is an evidence to it.

You can’t always make promotional posts, which screams, BUY NOW! … You have to make it personal, emotional, valuable, and connect with the audience on a much broader level.

You can promote your products or services in a more human way, if i have to put it smoothly.

#6. Hashtags

Last but not the least, HASHTAGS. This is something which is very obvious because in your content plan as well as on any social media, hashtags is one of the best ways to promote your posts. There are different kind of hashtags which you can consider using on your post.

  • Branded hashtags
  • Campaign hashtags
  • event hashtags
  • phrase or keyword hashtags
  • Location
  • Viral hashtags

No matter what you prefer, in your posts, there must be a mix of hashtags to which you cater. And overtime you will have to analyse what works the best, and which hashtags drives you the most amount of traffic.

We hope you find those tips valuable, by applying all these Strategies you can probably build upto 10k instagram followers within 3 to 4 month, Make sure you are consistent and have patience to see the result.