As a UK citizen who has landed in the US and needs to drive, you need to know that driving in the US is quite different from driving in the UK, and this article will help you gather all the necessary data you need to be able to drive successfully.  You may also ask yourself questions like can I drive in America with a UK licence, or can’t I? You should not worry yourself too much because the good news is that you can drive, and you don’t have to get a US licence so that you can freely drive around. Moreover, you need to know that there are different laws across various states in the US, so to be on the safe side, make sure you learn about the laws of the state you are going to be living in so that you can be on the safe side. 

There are tips you need to look into when driving in the US, and they are;

  1. Watch out for undertakings 

Most UK motorists are usually shocked by the undertaking law set in the US. In the US, the undertaking is not illegal, and it is usually practised in the UK on most motorways. Moreover, most US drivers are not fond of indicating direction changes, and you will have to watch your mirrors at all times to ensure you don’t bump into anyone as you drive. 

  1. Right turns at red lights 

When driving in the US, you have a chance to turn right when a traffic light hits red, provided that there is no incoming vehicle. 

  1. Take a turn at the crossroads 

When you come to a four-way intersection without lights, the car that came first has priority, and then the next car follows. So the moment you approach an intersection, slow down and keep an eye out who’s arrived at the top mark first. 

  1. Signs are vital in the US 

The advantage of driving in the US is that you don’t have to worry about getting lost since the roads in the US have multiple signposts that guide you, and you will be able to know if you hit the wrong turn as you exit. When renting a car in the US, when you have a UK licence, you should get a Sat Nov which will help you with the directions. 

  1. School buses rule the road in the US

When there is a school bus approaching a bus stop, all vehicles need to stop and have to allow the bus to pass first. A stop sign is also extended from the side of the bus, and it is illegal to overtake it. 


When you are visiting the US for the first time, the worry of carrying your bags everywhere is genuine. Just stash them at Luggage storage Newyork City and enjoy your vacation with a piece of mind. you should make sure you follow the tips listed above so that you could be able to drive safely and so that you don’t get arrested for not following the rules required. Make sure you follow all these steps and have a good stay in the US. If you can’t adhere to them, you could always take a cab or the train.