Drinking Filtered water - Is it the right thing to do?

What is the best source of water? Most researchers opined that rainwater is the best source of freshwater. But is it possible to catch the rainwater directly and use it? Is it recommended? The answer is a big NO! Rainwater, although considered to be a fresh source of surface water, the dust and dirt in the atmosphere make it unfit for consumption. This is when the benchtop water filter comes into the picture. The rainwater harvested for consumption can be filtered and used without second thoughts. 

Furthermore, it is to be noted that filtered water is much better than regular unfiltered water as it not only removes dirt but also absorbs certain dissolved impurities as well. One of the best and easy-to-handle machines is the bench top water filter which fits right on the bench, causing no disturbance by consuming less space. This water filter helps in water purification, helping one eliminate many common water-borne diseases.

Should one consume filtered water?

Not filtered water contains dirt, dust, and micro-organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. The water that is not clean and contaminated through this bacteria or some chemicals of any industry causes many problems to the living beings on earth. The plants die; animals and humans fall sick. If not treated, it may lead to their death. Therefore, it is recommended that filtered water should be consumed to avoid any such diseases as Cholera, Giardia, Typhoid, and Dysentry, among others. 

Some benchtop water filter companies offer the best purification solutions that kill the most common E-coli bacteria that cause various illnesses. These water filter solutions should be chosen very carefully based on the need of the place. Few places have higher fluoride content in water. So the water purification systems which fight this should be employed. Some areas have clean and almost potable drinking water. In those places, a very standard RO water filter can be used.

In restaurants, and public places in areas with an adequate supply of normal water, where installing a Reverse Osmosis water purifier is an expensive task, a standard bench top water filter usage would suffice and serve the purpose.

Clean drinking water is the fundamental right of every human being, and installing regular water purifiers helps serve the purpose. In some advanced countries, clean potable drinking water is supplied through taps. Whereas in some countries of Africa, even the dirty water is not provided round the clock. The droughts are killing people. In those countries, some water purification systems which are cost-effective and can make the available water consumable would go a long way.

Drinking filtered water should be mandated, making everyone realise the importance of consuming filtered water. In cities where people can afford it, the awareness of the health benefits of drinking filtered water should be raised through campaigns. A water filter that can fit on the counter or a bench should be installed in every restaurant, office, or public place. This helps combat water-borne diseases. 

Although the presence of viruses and chemicals in Australia is rare, bacteria, algae, and parasites make their way through the waters. Therefore, even people in developed countries should think of buying a water filter for their homes and offices. Drinking filtered water can help one live a long and happy life without getting affected by many water-borne diseases.