Check out Drewtop Reviews, the brand new website that sells clothes, household, outdoor and personal care products at a substantial discount.

Are you in the market to purchase household goods and utilities through the United Kingdom? Do you require equipment to help you organize your home? Do you require kitchen equipment to help you get your work done? Do you wish to purchase electronic products (or) tools to do DIY projects? is a brand new online store that offers such products. But, prior to purchasing we suggest you confirm the legitimacy of the store by going through Drewtop reviews.

Brief: is a website for commercial use selling 1,239 different products listed below:

  1. Apparel
  2. Bags
  3. Clothes
  4. Shoe
  5. Beauty Care
  6. Clean utilities
  7. Electronic
  8. Instruments and music
  9. Toy
  10. Home appliances
  11. Decorations
  12. Furniture
  13. Kitchen appliance
  14. Tools
  15. Sports-related items
  16. Outdoor items is a shop that aims to provide excellent service, affordable prices, top quality, and the most current developments on its platform. But a deeper analysis of revealed that it was a replica of and that the content on was taken by and and questioned the authenticity of the site.


  • Buy household and personal care items at:
  • Social Media Link:mentioned However, links redirecting users to the homepages of social media sites, which is a negative indicator to confirm is Drewtop legitimate?
  • Cost:between PS20.00 to PS1,139.00.
  • Address of physical location:unspecified
  • customer reviews and Blogs:only customer reviews are accepted on
  • General Terms and Conditionsunspecified in
  • privacy policy not specified at
  • Telephone (or) WhatsApp #:unspecified on
  • Store locator: did not feature a store locator.
  • FAQ and Help: Unspecified on
  • delivery policy:delivery timeframe and policy is not listed on
  • Shipping Policies:not mentioned. FAQ stated that order is shipped using UPS, Royal Mail, (or) FedEx. The processing time is of 24 hours.
  • tracker:not possible at because no information on tracking orders was discussed this is a negative to Drewtop Review. .
  • Refund gives you 15 days for return or exchange items. However, certain items which are not returnable are not accepted.
  • Returns policy: unspecified at
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Method payment:via any of the major Credit Cards and Stripe in USGBP and $.
  • Newsletters Not supported by


  • All products are available at a minimum discount of 50% discount up to 93% discount
  • The user-friendly interface of that allows searching, sorting and filters options
  • Detailled description of the product as well as an image illustrations are displayed on
  • A wide range of categories of merchandise is that are available on
  • Quality and brand-name products are featured at


  • There is an additional 30% restocking charge on returns. It’s a disabling reason to read Drewtop reviews..
  • The product’s limited specifications are available on
  • It is difficult to reach customer service
  • Important policies like terms privacy, terms and delivery, shipping, etc. These policies are not discussed.
  • There are a few payment options available on

Is Legit?

  • The creation date 12th March 2022 at 0428:40.
  • Last updated: 12th March 2022 at 04:28:43.
  • Age 26 days of age.
  • Expirydate: 13 March 2023 04:28.40.
  • life anticipates: expires in the next 11 months and 4 days.
  • Trust Index: has a shabby 11% trust rating.
  • Rating for has a 0.00 percentage business ranking. This is an unfavorable factor when the review is Drewtop legitimate?.
  • Origin of the site:Country of Origin for is the United States.
  • Situation of Blacklisting has not been listed as blacklisted by any blacklisting engine.
  • Security Profile95/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 65/100.
  • Scam Score95/100.
  • Security Score for Malware:66/100.
  • Spam Score85/100.
  • Connection Securitya acceptable HTTPS connection protocol utilized by
  • SSL Status:Its IP an SSL certificate.
  • Contact Person:unspecified at
  • Social media: pages are not visible through social channels.
  • Owner’s contact details and identity:the details about the owner’s contact information and the owner’s name are concealed by Internet censorship.

Users Drewtop Review : has a zero Alexa Ranking. In addition there is a single YouTube review as well as five online reviews for indicate that it’s likely to be a fraud. We recommend reading more about PayPal Rackets in order to stay clear of PayPal frauds.

A few reviews of products on are 100% positive. Thus, these product critiques on are not genuine. There is no review elsewhere on the internet or in social networks.

Conclusion: has zero commercial as well as Alexa rank. has a terrible 1percent trust rank and a high risk profile and suspicion that isn’t suitable for your personal information, device and financial data. Drewtop Review finds that is an online scam.We don’t recommend because customer reviews regarding getting their orders delivered are not available on the web.

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