Dreka gates looked more like she’d gained weight than she was pregnant. Dreka gates Pregnant there are rumors that she and Kevin may be splitting.

Do you know Dreka Dreka is an internet celebrity and famous actress. She is also known by the name of Kevin Gates’s fiancee. It is hard not to admire her personal and professional life. Because they work in the media industry in the United States they are surrounded by love. Everyone can manage and judge their own lives. It leads people to believe that Drekagates is Pregnant.

Is Dreka Pregnant?

Dreka and Kevin got married 17 October 2015. They had two children before the news was announced in 2019. It would have been five for the Kevin family.

Dreka shared a photo of Gates looking like a baby or a pregnant bump in a post. People began to wish them all the best as they shared their excitement at being pregnant.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a baby together. The general media misinterpreted the image.

What are we to make of rumours Dreka is pregnant?

Drekagates Personal Trainer said that seeing their happiness with their children, it is only natural to worry about when we will hear that they are expecting their 3rd child.

Now, however, it seems that the two are busy building their empires. Kevin is a well known rapper on his own and Dreka, a charming woman, is a mother and actress as well as a social media star and businesswoman.

What were Dreka and Kevin’s thoughts on the Drekagates Pregnant Rumor?

“She drank water so often that her stomach stuck out,”

Kevin replied that Dreka was not pregnant when he was asked. Complex spoke with Kevin and he said that Dreka doesn’t have a baby.

Dreka & Kevin, Instagram

She has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers, and always posts photos of her kids.

Additional Details

Dreka and Kevin got married in 2015. Dreka’s personal trainer claims that they are both Muslims. Kevin and Dreka have been married for nearly seven years. But, there are new rumours suggesting that they will separate.

Kevin was last seen in New York recently with Dreka’s personal trainer, , and Jojo Zur, a famed entrepreneur, stylist and former Love & Hip Hop Miami cast members. The rumour mill hasn’t stopped spinning since. Jojo and Kevin were the talk of 2021.


Complex 2013 Kevin spoke out in an interview, claiming that he had other children. It made it sound as if he had children and Dreka was pregnant. They’re not far away. I lie down beside them, hold them, show love, and lay down next to them.

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