Have you heard of Adopt Me’s latest pets? If you haven’t, please read the Dragonfly Article and connect to us for more blogs.

Do you enjoy playing Roblox games. Have you ever played Adopt Me in the past? Adopt Me now has a new pet! Dragonfly is the pet. If you are familiar with this game, you should know that Adopt Me requires players to adopt a pet animal and take care of it. Players from the United States or the United Kingdom already know about this game. The Dragonfly: Adopt Me Article provides more details.

What is Adopt Me’s new pet?

Adopt Me launched fourteen different pet types on 21 July 2022. With the new Basic Egg Refresh, players will be able to obtain Royal Egg (or Pet Egg), and Cracked Egg (or both). The Royal Egg is priced at around 1450 Robux. Pet Egg costs around 650 Robux. Cracked Egg is 350 Robux. You can choose what egg you wish.

Are you excited about Adopt Me’s fourteen new pets? You can read the Dragonfly Adopt Me section. The following is a list of 14 new pets.

  1. Mouse (This pet has a common name)
  2. Poodle (This breed is Uncommon).
  3. Swordfish (This rare pet is called Ultra Rare).
  4. Dragonfly (This is a Legendary pet)
  5. Ant (This is a common pet)
  6. Alicorn (This pet may be called Legendary).
  7. Zebra (This rare pet)
  8. Camel (This breed is Uncommon).
  9. The Legendary Ancient Dragon
  10. Donkey (This is a rare pet)
  11. Parakeet (This species is rare)
  12. Robot (This is a very rare pet)
  13. Orangutan (This exotic pet is rare)
  14. Corgi is an Ultra Rare Pet

These are all 14 pets added to the Adopt Me Game.

What does Dragonfly Do You Want to Adopt Me Roblox? HTML3_

Uplift Games’ Adopt Me online game is hugely multiplayer. Roblox hosted the development of the game. The game’s first release was on 14th July 2017. You can play the game with Xbox One, Microsoft Windows or iOS.

The game’s objective is to decorate and build beautiful homes. Players must then adopt and take care different kinds of pets. Dragonfly is the newest pet available in this game. Dragonfly isn’t the only pet available in Adopt Me . We also have thirteen additional pets that are available in Adopt Me.

Which retired pets can Adopt Me adopt?

Many of the following pets will soon be retiring after being added: Red Panda, Rabbit and Dog; Snow Cat, Shiba Inu, Bunny and Otter; Snow Puma; Chocolate Labrador; Unicorn, Fennec Fox. These pets can be re-adopted by any player who has retired from Adopt Me. They can be retrieved from the Retired eggs. However, the Retired eggs can only be accessed in the Adopt Me VIP room.


This was the Dragonfly article. You can find out more about Roblox’s most famous game Adoptme- by clicking the link below. For those who haven’t played the game before, you can play it once.

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