Studio “Magic Hat”, initiated by “Dragon Master”.

This is a brand new game type that claims to be associated with “RTS”, MOBA, and “Blockchain”.

This game is very popular World. Many players want to discover new experiences.

This game is unique because it has some special features.

We try to provide some information about the game for both game enthusiasts and readers. Let’s now talk about Dragon Master 52.

What is the Game?

This game is unique, as we have already said. The game can be played with different experiences.

The game can be played with different dragons that have superpowers. Players can select the dragons they want to capture. You can use the dragons to initiate and end a game.

This is the most distinctive pattern in the game. The game is also enhanced by the “Blockchain” power, which gives it more robust and powerful elements.

The game features security enhancements from “Ethereum” that provide absolute protection against cyber-attacks.

What is Dragon Master 52?

We now need to know more about the theme.

The dragon land is home to a Dragon Master who lives in the inland. This land is home to many types of dragons, each with its own unique powers.

You can play different types of dragons as a player. Each dragon has its own unique features, power, strength, and name.

Names for the dragons are also unique. There will be “Bomb Dragon”, Tian Dragon, “Free Dragon”, and “Thunder Dragon”.

Any of these dragons can be used by a player. The rule allows players to chase the mission and complete their task.

Dragon Master 52 Playing Strategy

You must have a strategy in order to win “Dragon Master”

Making your own team of dragons is the key aspect of the game. A player can have 4 different sizes of dragons.

Dragons should be extra-large or large. It will complete a player’s team.

The gamers can begin the game by selecting from the four sizes available for dragons. The battlefield’s name is “5 tracks”.

However, there is one rule to this Dragon Master 52.

A giant-sized dragon is heavier than a smaller one, but it has less power. A larger dragon cannot push the dragon onto the battlefield. It activates the “HP” of the player. When the “HP” hits “Zero Line”, we know the names of the winners.


Game lovers are embracing the game. The game is a favorite of many game enthusiasts.

There are many reasons for this. Gamers can combine different types of the team based on their skills, powers, and strategy.

On their Android version, players can play Dragon Master 52 game.