This article discusses the experiences of an Orthopedic doctor who was recently killed in a car accident. Philip Preston Reviews.

Did you witness a recent shooting that saw four people, two doctors, die? Want to learn more about this tragic incident and its victims? This article gives you all the information that is necessary to understand the subject.

People from the United States are horrified by the ongoing shootings over the past days and worry about the fate of the victims. Let’s consider Dr Philip Preston reviews as an ode to his noble efforts.

About Dr Preston Phillips & Tulsa Shooting

On the 1st Juni 2022, Dr Preston Phillips was shot and killed at an Oklahoma hospital. The gunman shot three doctors, a nurse and a patient. The gunman is Dr Phillips’s recent patient. Dr Phillips, who was 59 years old, was shot and killed by the gunman after he suffered from post-surgical pain.

Phillips has received many positive reviews, as well as ratings and feedback from his patients. users rated Dr Phillips’ service at 4/5. 66 patients have been rated to the benefit of Dr Preston Phillips Tulsa Oklahoma.

Preston Phillips

  • According to the official medical biography, Dr Philip graduated Harvard Medical School 30 June 1990.
  • Dr Philip specialized Orthopedic Surgery and Orthopedic Spine Surgery.
  • Aside from his major specialization, he was also an expert on knee surgery, bone injury, joint pain and scoliosis. He also has expertise in laminectomy, sportsmedicine, and other areas.
  • He was a 32-year veteran of medicine and fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • In 2018 he won the Patients’ Choice award for his positive impact on patients’ lives.

Dr Philip Preston Reviews

  • As stated above, Dr Philip’s treatments received positive feedback from patients. The majority of his patients were satisfied.
  • The main characteristics of the patients are their ease in getting appointments, correct diagnosis, prompt follow-ups and friendly staff.
  • One of his patients stated that Dr Philip helped save his leg after he treated his knee.
  • Another user mentioned that he had a knee arthroscopy performed in 2005. Dr Philip made it a pleasant experience.

Statements of Dr Philip

  • Dr Folly commented on Philip Preston reviews and stated that he used be a participant in the social activities of Folly’s father’s non-profit organization.
  • Folly stated that Dr Philip is active in providing surgery services to patients from remote regions of Africa as well as the US.
  • Dr Cliff Robertson was Saint Francis Health System CEO and President. He said Dr Philip’s death was the most devastating loss for Tulsa & Saint Francis.


Dr Preston Phillips enjoyed a solid medical track record with patients. He is also well-known for his medical missions carried out in various African countries. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here.

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