The heart surgeon who has become a TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz recently announced his Senate run in the November of 2021 to represent PA. Shortly after his announcement, a few daytime TV producers attacked him, calling him a con artist.

A veteran daytime journalist has spoken out in opposition to this Senate Candidate in the feature in New York Magazine.

The Dr. Oz is a republican and a well-known celebrity who enjoys great acclaim among the public across America. United States. Recently, he revealed that he would be campaigning for Senate within PA. But the daytime show host gave a critique of the candidate when he called “Dr Oz the Scam artist”.

Who is Dr Oz?

The Dr. Mehmet Oz is a famous TV host, television personality as well as a university professor, author and cardiothoracic surgeon in the United States. He was a frequent guest on the renowned TV programme Oprah Winfrey Show. He was featured in more than 60 episodes on the show.

Dr. Oz started his daily television show about health issues and medical conditions in the year 2009. Dr Oz was promoted to alternative therapies and pseudoscience , and was criticized from medical professionals, government officials and other journals.

On the 30th November 2021 On the 30th November 2021, Dr. Oz made it clear that he will be running for his first US Senate Election in Pennsylvania in 2022. He will be an Republican in order to replace the current Senate, Pat Toomey, who will soon be retiring from the post.

Is Dr Oz Scam Artist?

After conducting an online search there were a lot of reviews and comments on Doctor. Oz. A lot of people have a negative view of the Senate candidate. Even a morning show host came out in support of Dr. Oz and said he was as a fraudster.

A few people have said the they believe that. Oz is a fraud actor after watching his television show. He claims that he provides a magical cure and that is an indication of fraud. Many people believe that he’s misleading others to earn money through his show. They call Dr Oz a Scam Artist.

The daytime producer is a fraud artist due to his focus on making money to make a profit and began selling out through television shows. The producer stated that he’s a risk because he believes the gods have a hand in his life.

What Are People Saying About Dr Oz?

After reviewing the doctor’s online profile We found a lot of reviews and feedback from many individuals. A lot of people have said that the doctor. Oz is a Scam Artist and should not be nominated to be a member of the Senate within PA.

The former producer of The Dr Oz Show said Dr. Oz Scam artist since he was observed doing real-life crime segments between shows, and claimed that he was doing it for the sake of making money. The daytime show’s producer declared that he believes in the divine power to heal people and that it’s to earn money.


The Dr. Oz is a renowned television personality and heart surgeon of the profession. However, he’s been being talked about in the media these days due to his announcement regarding his participation in the PA Senate elections in 2022. A lot of people have criticized his choice and also referred to him as to him as a Dr Oz Scam Artist.

The comments and reviews are negative about the doctor, and the show that he hosts claimed to generate income by selling a miraculous cure.

What are your thoughts on Dr. Oz? Share your thoughts in the comments. We have also given you the information about the subject that we have gathered from the internet and do not hold no authority on the issue.