The court battle that is brewing between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Herald is getting worse. When the divorce was finalized, Herald also initiated a domestic violence suit for Depp and later, she narrated her story on a website without naming the actor.

In a recent court meeting, the charming eye exchange between Psychologist and actor Shannon attracted the attention of the court All over the world. Depp is appointing Shannon to examine Amber and give testimony at trial about her present state of health. To learn more about the career, read the Dr Curry psychologistpost until the close of the post.

Johnny Depp and Psychologist Shannon:

After the divorce, Amber also was a victim of domestic violence against her ex-husband , and then published an article. The domestic violence allegations began to affect the actor’s work and he initiated a lawsuit for defamation against Amber in the year 2019, seeking $50 million in damages.

He contracted Shannon as a Psychologist in order to assess the mental state of Herald in order to aid in the settlement of the case. The doctor appeared in court in the ninth day of trial and provided an his opinion regarding Herald’s mental state. She stated that Amber suffers from HPD where a person seeks attention.

Dr Shannon Curry Psychologist in Depp Legal Team:

Dr. Curry has been working in the field of forensic and clinical Psychology for the past fifteen years. She is licensed that covers California in addition to Hawaii. She is also the co-founder of the Curry Psychology group, a facility located in California which addresses problems associated with family violence, relationship violence trauma, and relationship.

She is psychotherapist and can help clients sort out their relationships issues. Curry was educated the subject at Pepperdine University and completed her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology.

The trial is still ongoing, several witnesses like Security guards from the past have appeared before the court, but not one has captured the attention of viewers as Doctor Curry.

Dr Curry Psychologist Importance in Trial:

Johnny Depp lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean after his wife’s admission of a domestic abuse story. His reputation and image within the community also came under scrutiny following his ex-wife’s accusations. The defamation lawsuit brought by the actor in the year 2019 received a significant boost when Curry was a witness in court.

Her meeting with Herald in 2021. The meeting allowed her doctor to look over her medical records and evaluate her mental state. As per Dr. Shannon, Herald has Borderline Personality Disorder where the patient is afraid of being abandoned.

Doctor Curry on Depp and Amber Relationship:

The Dr Shannon Curry Psychologist further admitted that BPD can make a person afraid of being left out of relationships, and they try violently and in extreme ways to protect themselves from being left. The doctor also clarified that her mental health condition is one of the main reasons for her relationship breakdown with Depp that ended until divorce. Her testimony could help Depp during the trial.

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Last verdict

Two people are always separated due to a negative incident, but it’s best to settle the issue in a decent manner. In this instance the private lives of the two actors is being examined to resolve the issue. Fans of the actors are able to discuss their opinions in the comments section of this article.