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Have you ever been in a terrible flood? Do you know what is happening in Montana? Due to heavy rainfall and severe storms, many Montanans have had to evacuate the state . The Yellowstone National Park gate is now closed. Montana Red Cross Bozeman opened a shelter at Hope Lutheran Church’s Graf Street location.

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The result of heavy rainfall:

According to local news sources, floodwaters have flooded Red Lodge in Montana’s south-central area. The government evacuated residents. It was because the flood affected the entire city, including the downtown.

Red Lodge Fire Chief Tom Kuntz spoke on Facebook Monday morning to say that heavy rain caused several cracks in banks of the small river that ran through Downtown Red Lodge. Red Lodge Community Church served Red Lodge community church as an evacuation shelter Sunday night, just before Red Lodge’s basement was flooded. However, after the water flooded the entire area, the Carbon County Fairgrounds in Red Lodge provided shelter for evacuated residents.

What are the current circumstances in Livingston?

Livingston City Fire Department informed the inhabitants of the eastern section of the town that there was a possibility of flooding.

According to National Weather Service, exceptional flooding occurred at the Clarks Fork.

Equipment for sandbagging is available in the areas below:

  • Red Lodge Shop, 1225 White Avenue S-County
  • Call Public Works at 425-2400 for information about the Town Shop in Fromberg
  • Joliet: 202 State Street, County Shop
  • Bridger Shop, 300 E Carbon Avenue
  • Bridger Shop – 22 Old Mine Road, County Shop

What is the current status in Downtown Red Lodge Montana ??

The Montana National Guard dispatched a helicopter to Roscoe in the west portion of Red Lodge. Another helicopter was sent by the Montana National Guard to Cooke City (North Yellowstone National Park) to search for trapped people and rescue them. Some sections of Missouri Headwaters State Park are currently closed. All fishing opportunities in Yellowstone River are also now closed.


Monday morning river had risen by three feet according to the National Weather Service. It also set a new world record between 1981-2020. The article supports Downtown Red Flooding. This helps answer the questions. You can also read Red Lodge Montana to learn more.

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