We are not out to stigmatize mixed breed canines. However, it should be known that several benefits come with owning and raising a purebred dog.

One of such is predictability. You can easily gather as much information that will help you and your dog co-exist. Aside from this, there are other benefits of owning and raising a pure breed that might have you longing for canines in this category.

Well, you can start by knowing the several purebred canines available. It is against this backdrop that this article will discuss one of the very common ones and advise that you keep reading. This is to know enough about this canine breed and if they are the ideal pet for you.

Let us talk about Bloodhounds!

What You Should know about the Bloodhound

We have seen some newbies assume that this canine creature is a violent one simply because “blood” is attached to its name. Well, this is not entirely true. This canine breed is rather a very loving dog to have around.

However, you need to know what comes with having them as your pet to figure out if they are right for you. There are some expected highs and lows and they include the following:

An Extraordinary Sense of Smell

It is very hard to generalize when speaking about dogs. This is because the many breeds have unique traits. Well, an extraordinary sense of smell is one of the unique traits of bloodhounds.

This explains why they are very active pets among law enforcement agents and in the security sector at large. This characteristic is a great advantage of having them, especially if you train them to make the most of it.

It could also be their tragic flaw. This is considering how they could be very mischievous with this skill. So, you need to help them make the most of this skill and train them to be in line with it.

One of the reasons why they need to be kept in line is because they tend to wander off-limits. This can get them into trouble.

You Need to Work on their Hygiene

Dog owners have the responsibility of ensuring their pet(s) are well kept. However, the kind of breed you have could determine how much work has to be done in this regard. Well, you would have to do a lot with bloodhounds.

This is because of the way they are. For one, they drool a lot. This could leave your surroundings, especially the interior areas in a mess aside from what this does to the pet itself. So, you have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Secondly, you would have a lot more work to do bathing your dog. The reason is that they are likely to have this musty smell if you do not pay attention to this. For tips on how to work on your bloodhound’s hygiene, you can visit: https://be.chewy.com/the-dog-odor-answer/

They Require so much Attention

The bloodhound is an amazing dog to have for so many reasons. Be that as it may, you have to invest a lot to keep them in the right state and shape. This is because they need:

A Great Deal of Exercise

Approximately 2 hours of exercise daily is recommended to keep them physically and even mentally stimulated. The walk will allow them to release pent-up energy which is necessary to have or maintain the right shape.

But more than this, the walk will allow them to put their extraordinary smelling skill to good use. This is very important in keeping them mentally stimulated. So, you should take these walks very seriously for these 2 major reasons.


Bloodhounds love a show of affection from their owners and loved ones around. You should not starve them of this as there are severe consequences that come as a result. They are vulnerable to separation anxiety for instance.

This is a canine mental health condition triggered by the feeling of loneliness and being abandoned. Also, abrupt change of environment, loss, and departure of a loved one can trigger it.

Showering your bloodhound with affection will go a long way in preventing this condition. Other than this, some medications can be used to treat this condition. Canine CBD drugs are one of such.


Early training is highly recommended for bloodhounds. This is so that they will imbibe the right behavior. Issues such as socialization, hygiene, and curbing destructive habits, should be addressed in the training.

This breed can be very insistent on their way, and this is why a firm approach is needed during training and even raising them. This is one of the reasons people new to raising dogs might find bloodhounds difficult.

Although you need to be firm at some point, you should not resort to physical abuse when training. Repeated positive reinforcement and patience are required.

The Lifespan Disadvantage

Bloodhounds are amazing pets if you can train and provide a conducive environment for them. But one of the biggest shortcomings is the fact that they have a short lifespan. This is especially when you compare them to several other large breeds and dog breeds at large.

So, it seems that the excitement that comes with having them around is short-lived. This is especially if you did not have them from the infancy stage. This is also why you need to do all reasonably possible to keep them in the right state of health to live as long as possible.


There are so many dog breeds that you can opt for but understanding what comes with having them are important. This will help you make the right choice. We have discussed the bloodhound breed here, but you can view more canine breeds as well.

Having gone through the article, you should think long and hard before deciding whether to get a bloodhound or not. Several advantages come with having this breed but also some challenges. The whole point is making informed decisions going forward.