Are you looking for an Among Us voice chat option? Are you interested in knowing how to utilize voice chat to play the game? If so, stay with us.

The popular crime-solving game Among Us is loved by players across the globe, with a particular focus on Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Canadaand Australia Players would like to know how they can communicate with other players via voice chat. In this article we will look at the fact that does Among Us Have Voice Chat and how to make Voice Chat within Among Us.

About Among Us

The game Among Us is a murder-mystery set in a sci-fi-themed universe. Innersloth launched the video game on Android along with iOS on the 15th of June, 2018 and for PC for Steam on August 18, 2018. The game is about a group of crew members, one of whom is fraudulent. The aim that this Impostor will be to demolish their vessel and kill everyone aboard.

In November 2020, The Among Us has almost 500 million users worldwide. In December 2020 The Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us made 3.2 million sales on digital.

Does Among Us Have Voice Chat?

If players wish to know which players is an imposter in Among Us, they need to be able to communicate. If they are playing Among Us, members of the group must collaborate to determine which of the players is an fake, while imposters should be hidden in the dark and be eliminated from the group.

There is no voice chat feature in Among Us for now. There are however a variety of options for players to chat and interact with friends. You can also use an app from third parties to voice chat within the game.

Let’s talk about how we can utilize voice chat in games after we have discovered Do the majority of Us have the Voice Chat.

How to do Voice Chat on Among Us?

For voice chat, you can use apps that are third party, such as Discord. Follow these steps for using voice chat.

  • Download Discord to your personal computer or mobile device. It is available for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. Sign in to Discord.
  • Go to this link to visit the Among US server link mentioned at the end of this post. Users will be able to access the list of the best Among Us servers.
  • To open the server’s detail page, tap or click to join under it.
  • Click on Join this server and Accept Invite to connect to the server.
  • Users can now connect to their Among Us server in the Discord app and utilize the voice channel to communicate with one another via conversations via voice chat.

The fact is that not everyone Do We Have Voice Chat however, it has no interaction options at the moment. We anticipate new features to come in near time, which will increase the fun.


Among Us is one of the most popular games across the globe. It is not uncommon to see new features introduced within the game and we may look forward to an in-game chat feature in the near future.

However, as of right the moment, players will likely to utilize third-party applications like Discord to chat with each other and communicate with teammates within Among Us.