Fortnite has been around for many years and receives updates almost every month. Fortnite has hundreds of dances and emoticons players can add to their account. Fortnite also offers many skins available for players. Most of these can only purchased at the Fortnite Item Shop. These items can be bought by anyone and everyone. For an item to be rare it will only occasionally come into the store.

This is the only method to gauge how rare emotes may be. To determine how long it’s been gone since its last appearance. It is hard to believe that some emotes aren’t in the store since they first appeared. Sometimes, this is because it is. Epic Games has been sued for many dances. It is mostly a problem of copyright. Some people might not return to the store because of this.

Okay, let’s dive into rare emotes then the rarest in Fortnite.

What is Fortnite’s Most Rare Emotes?

Before we move on to the rarest Fortnite Emotes, there are other dances and emotes which are just as rare. The next section will tell you what Fortnite’s most rare emote. The following list will help you determine if Fortnite has any of the rarest emotes.

This emote first appeared in Chapter 1 Season 2. Many will be familiar with this iconic dance, which is Carlton’s signature move from The Fresh Prince. Carlton would perform the dance every time a Tom Jones tune was played, and especially if it wasn’t. This emote was not available for more than 1300 days. If you can do this dance, you’ve been here since the beginning.


Another great emote. This emote imitates Snoop Dogg’s dance from the 2004 smash song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” featuring Pharrell. This dance is simple and became very popular in early 2000s. Snoop dogg makes any thing look cool.


The emote I have seen does not refer to pop culture movies or TV shows. It is, however, a nod to the strange waving inflatable tube guys outside shops and shops.

Widow’s Piroue

This emote was created by the Avengers. This emote pays tribute to Black Widow’s Marvel movies skills. This emote will allow the player to do a spinkick, air flip and sweep before ending in Black Widow’s classic superhero pose. This emote is still not visible after 1144 days.

What Is Fortnite’s Most Restrained Emote?

We are finally getting to what you’ve been waiting for. Fortnite’s rarest and most sought-after emote. Fortnite’s emote of the day has not been seen in our store for a long time. It is possible that you don’t know the meaning of this dance if your younger. However, the ’80s or ’90s generation should know where it comes from. It is from a hit sitcom of the 1990s.


This emote, which is the rarest in Fortnite, is considered one of the most valuable. It has not been in the shop since November 12, 2018. It’s been out of stock for 1319 days as of the date this article was written. That’s three and a half year.

This is another emote, which was first seen in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will dances this move in the episode that he first meets Jazz. Will does this wild and hilarious dance in the scene Jazz starts to play the drums at Ashley’s house.

This is a rare emote in Fortnite game . Although it’s not a good idea trying to distract your enemy with this emote after you have won, it’s perfect. You will be respected by your opponent after watching this dance.


Rambunctious appears to be the rarest of emotes at the time this article was written. It has been out of the shop for three and a quarter years. This is insane. It might be possible to find it in Fortnite soon, since it is not in the Fortnite merchandise shop for as long. However, it may never be seen again. If you’re one of the few who have this on their Fortnite account , then you should feel proud. Perform this emote proudly when you go into a match.

Which emotes are the rarest in Fortnite? Comment below to let us know what emotes you have.