Perhaps going bald can be a life-changing decision for you, especially if you are very conscious of your physical appearance. Just like most other balding men, shaving off your hair may put you in self-doubt. Will the bald look complement my personality? How can I achieve a shiny dome? How will I maintain and care for my shaved head? Will I look like a hair loss convict? Will women find me attractive? Well, believe it or not, none of these factors matter!

Several scientific studies states that Head Shaving can deliver some surprising results. So, if you are still looking for relevant answers to questions – “Do women prefer dating bald men?”, “How do women generally behave with bald men?”, “Do women feel attracted to bald men?”, etc., you are on the right page! In this article, we will be answering all of these frequently-asked questions. Please note that the information is written based on the answers provided by hundreds of women in different notable surveys or studies.

Why hair loss is a common concern for men?

 Did you know that over 50 percent of men usually come across serious signs of hair loss by the age of 50? However, the recent trend shows that the younger generation, suffering from Male Pattern Baldness starts fighting against hair loss as early as 20 or 21 years of age.

While several reasons may lead to patchy hair, some of the common ones include heavy stress, genetic issues, lower immunity, medical issues, impulse control disorder, or severe infections.

Do women feel attracted to bald men?

Whether you chose to shave your head or have been a victim of severe hair loss, one interesting and cheerful fact will surely blow your mind. That is, a majority of women feel more attracted to shaved-headed men.

A wide number of notable survey answers report that women of different nationalities and ages appreciate men who choose to practice Head Shaving rather than trying to conceal their hair loss. Women usually consider it a matter of self-confidence and esteem.

Do women respect bald men?

During several survey sessions, a lot of women confirmed that the determining factor in respecting a man is not the presence or absence of his hair. Rather, it’s the man’s personality that matters! You will be amazed to find out that some women even consider a shaven head a sign of loyalty and trustworthiness.

For women who give more importance to a man’s characteristics consider baldness a secondary or trivial factor. They respect men for their sense of humor, intelligence, self-confidence, and aura. In simple terms, practicable and sensible women do not select their partners based on facial appearances. Nowadays, women usually admire well-groomed men, with or without hair.

Do women prefer going for a date with bald men?

Interestingly, a recent study reports that most women do not mind going on a date with bald men. With more and more advancement in the mindset, modern women consider a man’s personality over physical appearance for building a relationship.

The only recommendation provided by the surveyed women is that men without hair should have an appealing look at the first meeting. This may include wearing fashion accessories, having a nice beard, or having a shiny dome that best complements the bald look. Pro tip: Always shave off your hair with an electric head shaver to achieve a sleek-headed look.

Do women consider marrying a bald man?

Even though marriage is one of the most important and crucial decisions of an individual’s life, compromises in a marriage are bound to take place. It has been observed that rational women never consider baldness to be an obstacle to marrying their soulmate.

Rather, a loving woman is always seen to accept her “man” in “as is” condition. Hair loss or patchy hair can never be a reason for leaving their beloved ones. So, regardless of what you think, baldness puts little to no impact on women, especially once they are in a serious relationship like marriage.

Want to look more attractive with a bald head? Follow these grooming tips!

Research studies and surveys state that a bald man most likely appears less attractive to women not because of hair, but confidence. The most common question asked to a majority of women was “What a bald man should ideally do to look more attractive?”. To this, women answered that baldies should work on boosting their self-confidence, get in shape, maintain a sleek and shiny dome, and so on.

Building confidence can help a bald man look stronger, more successful, and more dominant. Similarly, using an electric head shaver can help baldies achieve the best head shaving, making their dome sleek and shiny.

Most importantly, accepting a bald head with a calm sensibility is the best way to build a radiating personality.

Hope this article helped you find the answer to your question – “Do women find bald men attractive?” Remember, a shaven head can never be an obstacle to your social image. In fact, Head Shaving can make you appear more masculine and dominant, just like several top bald celebs in Hollywood!