Kina and Tam as a company aim to produce good quality and stylish clothes for its customers, and it takes all the necessary steps to accomplish it. It focuses on creating clothes that are durable and completely ethical for use. An ethical clothing company called Kina and Tam caters to “adults” anywhere in the world with its bright, fun apparel. 

It is a playground for shopping instead of a platform for it! By using a method that respects garment workers and employees, Kina and Tam are passionate about sustainably developing distinctive products. Three of the four factories they work with have earned BSCI certification, and the fourth is soon to follow in 2022. As well as attempting to use more sustainable materials in their goods when practical, they hope to improve their connection with their suppliers. 

Focusing on every step, they try to get the best of the clothing material and style it in different forms to make it look more beautiful in every way possible. Customers are happy to have discovered Kina and Tam as they produce in loud, obnoxious attire. 

Do Kina and Tam make their clothes ethically?

The goods made by Kina & Tam are exquisite and one-of-a-kind, and they are ethically and sustainably produced. Every well-considered step of the process—from the design stage to the assembly lines and, eventually, your wardrobe—is carried out with the highest regard for the dignity and well-being of Mother Nature and our fantastic garment workers. To defend and uphold local garment workers’ rights and have the least possible negative environmental impact, we want to collaborate with textile and manufacturing companies. They make their clothes ethically, and the process that use to design their clothes is as follows-

They start designing by keeping in mind the concept and design which they take inspiration from childhood and quirky designs and then put up a collection in front of us.  Their samples and sketches are totally made by the workers and craftsmen and produced by their own hands and minds.

The next process in known as sampling, in which they collaborate with the manufacturers and produced sample-based designs. These samples then go for testing, and the final product has been shown. If the product does not look right, they change the pattern and completely make it new.

Once the sample is approved production process starts where all the cutting, knitting sewing takes place.

After that, each piece of clothing is inspected by the quality officers to make sure there are no defects or damages, everything is produced and made with immense care and perfection to make the clothing right.