Over the past few years, the global use of VPNs has been increasing faster than ever; recently, VPNs have gained more popularity. Recent events such as WhatsApp and Zoom privacy issues have made people more aware of VPN use. Moreover, COVID-19 also significantly increased VPN use as everyone started working remotely at that time.

Today, it is said that the global market for VPNs is driven mainly by the growing adaptation of private networks in different industries and enterprises. These industries use VPNs to protect themselves from cyberattacks and increase remote workers’ using VPNs. Due to these factors, the global VPN market is estimated at $44.6 Billion and is projected to reach $77 Billion by the end of 2026.

Looking at these numbers, you can see that the VPN market is massive and guaranteed to grow even more. So, if you are considering getting into the VPN business, right now is the best time because the earlier you get in, the better.

Why Get in The VPN Business?

The most obvious reason to get into the business is the profit; at the speed at which the VPN industry is growing, there is no cap on how lucrative your own VPN business can be. Besides providing financial security, a VPN business would allow you to be creative as you face new challenges and exciting opportunities daily. After getting into the VPN business, you would know that you have engaged yourself in something profitable, and it would be empowering to know that you have taken control of your future.

How to Get in The VPN Business?

There are different ways you can make money with VPNs. For example, the most common form of starting a VPN business is by creating your own VPN company. However, since this method requires you to put in a lot of effort and resources, most people don’t choose this method; some other ways you can get into the VPN business include VPN reselling and the affiliate VPN program.

VPN Reseller – VPN reseller program operates in the traditional way a VPN owner operates. Reselling works by purchasing VPN services from a well-established VPN company, and you sell those services as if they were your own. This option is best for those who want to have their own VPN company but don’t have the startup costs, and it works best, especially for those who know how to rebrand things.

Affiliate VPN Programs – One other way to start a VPN business is by joining the affiliate program. Being a VPN affiliate is even easier than reselling the VPN; this works because you have to generate sales for a specific VPN company with your resources. For example, if you own a blogging website, you can embed a unique link provided by the VPN company on your website. This link would allow your audience to buy that VPN service and give you some commission from the sale.

Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a New VPN Business

Starting a VPN business and earning profits might seem fun and exciting, but it requires much effort. This effort starts even before you start your business.For example, before starting a business, you must analyze every aspect and remember that there are some things you should do and things you should not do before getting your hands dirty. To help you get a better understanding, here are some do’s and don’ts of starting a new VPN business.

Since we discussed affiliate VPN, let’s look at both VPN businesses’ dos and don’ts.

Do’s of VPN Reselling

  • Find a Popular VPN Company – Finding a popular VPN company before reselling a VPN would help you in the long run, as popular companies are trustworthy and get more sales.
  • Plan for Scaling the Business – Scaling your business should always be your priority, so you must choose a VPN company that would be perfect for scaling your business.
  • Create an Effective Marketing Plan – The most important part of a VPN reselling business is marketing which is why you must create an effective plan before starting the business.

Don’ts of VPN Reselling

  • Limit Your Expectations from the Provider – Most people make the mistake of thinking the VPN provider would spoon-feed them. However, that is not the case. You might get some help, but you must do all the work yourself.

Do’s of VPN Affiliate

  • Build an Audience – The only way to run a successful VPN affiliate business is if you have an audience, so before you start this business, ensure you have built an audience.
  • Plan the Content – If you are embedding VPN links on your blog, you must plan your content so that nothing looks out of place or forced.

Don’ts of VPN Affiliate

  • Never Rely on One Set of Audience – You must never rely on a specific set of audiences; for example, if you own a tech blog, you need to think about another blog, such as one related to fashion. This would allow you to have a new set audience.

Some General Do’s and Don’ts

Apart from the reselling and affiliating, here are some general do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind before starting a VPN business.

Let’s see some Do’s first.

  1. Always Research and gather the required knowledge.
  2. Get Some Work experience before getting into the VPN business.
  3. Find the right time to start your VPN business.
  4. Always hire a small and good team to work by your side.

Now comes another important part, a list of things you shouldn’t do.

  1. Never shy away from asking for help when making important decisions.
  2. Don’t lose hope if the process seems tough.
  3. Never rush into things or jump to conclusions.
  4. Make your mind that your business will not be as successful initially.