Article DK Oyster Bar scam gives the real facts about the Greek Island frauds, and their history in charging outrageous prices to customers.

Do you love to see the beach scenes on the Greek islands Do you love the Greek sea breeze? Mykonos may be the place for you. It is a Greek islands located in the Aegean, close to the United Kingdom. However, sometimes these trips can turn out to be a fraud. Here’s the news article about the DKOyster Bar Scam.

The oyster-bar

DK Oyster can be found on Platis Gialos in Mykonos, Greece. The region is well-known for its luxury hotels, as well as the culture of scamming. Kaylea Moulton from the United States visited the bar with her mother Brenda Moulton. The family ordered two mojitos (and two crab legs) and was shocked by the oyster bar bill.

The bar quoted a total cost of 600 euro, 520.80 euros for the food and 80 Euros for the mandatory services charge. They threatened their family after they found out about the scam. They then complained about the high level of scamming and mistreatment.

DK Oyster Bar Mykonos

This oyster bar is located in central Mykonos. They were awarded an award for their Mediterranean cuisine. The cost for each meal is high, making it seem like a fraud. American tourist tried to expose this fraud.

They coerced the tourists to pay the amount due and threatened them with deportation if they didn’t. Now, the court has taken action against the oyster.

Is it a scam?

The DK Oyster Bar Scand has alerted tourists. Some of the victims of the scam earlier have begun to expose their pricing scheme. Their pricing scheme is not transparent.

They do not charge for sunbeds. They are stealing customers’ hard-earned dollars over a longer time. Another tourist was also caught in the trap when he bought six plates of Calamari for 836 euros.

The past scam history

This DK Oyster Bar Scand scam is not the first time customers have discovered the fraud nature of oyster bars online. A similar story was reported by “Daily Mail”, in which an American tourist claimed that the oyster bar had given him 1640 euros for his main course with salad, bread, and dessert.

They began to question their pricing and were quickly surrounded by workers to intimidate them. This time, the mother-daughter duo paid the bill. The scam was exposed to the entire world. Marizanna Kikiri, Moultons’s Lawyer, is taking up the case.


The details of the scam are provided in the article DK Oyster Bar Scand. The luxury hotels, bars, and restaurants of Platis Gialos’ beach area are very well-known. This area is known for its luxury hotels and bars. For more new updates.

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