Pokemon Go is very popular all over the world. People from all over the world enjoy the game. It has a variety of new features that catch players’ attention in no time. The public is always excited about new Pokemon. This time, however, it’s a different kind of Pokemon.

Have you heard about Ditto from Pokemon Go? A few of you may know about this. In this article, we’ll discuss Ditto Pokemon Go 2022..

What is Ditto?

A lot of us know about Ditto before. This was first discovered by Professor Willow on November 26, 2016. It is a native of Kanto. Kanto region. Ditto disguises it self as other Pokemons. It’s a typical kind of Pokemon that was introduced in the generation one. The only thing that differentiates it from other Pokemon is the ‘transform’.

Ditto can’t be identified on the map because it hides behind another Pokemon. It is possible to capture it once you’re certain that it is Ditto. There isn’t any method or trick to meet Ditto. You may use Lures, Pokemon Go Plus and Incense. Click here to find out the details on Ditto Pokemon Go 2022. .

How do I identify Ditto?

Ditto was first discovered years ago. It’s difficult for players to get the Ditto however in the same way, it can make the game more exciting. Ditto is not visible anywhere on the game map. Anyone who is aware of the behaviour, strategy and tactics of Ditto might be able to spot it. There is no quick fix or method to recognize the Ditto.

It’s hard to determine if it’s a genuine or duplicate Pokemon. The players are advised not to be confused by the shining Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon that are wild cannot be Ditto. We have several Pokemon which could be Ditto which we’ll discuss later in this paragraph.

Ditto Pokemon Go 2022

Ditto can disguise itself as one of the Pokemon in within the Pokemon universe. It’s not easy to catch the Ditto. It is possible to tell by taking a look at the color of the ring that is on the Pokemon. It is possible to look through the list that could aid you in catching it:

  • Drowzee
  • Foongus
  • Gulpin
  • Dwebble
  • Gastly
  • Numel
  • stunky
  • Remoraid
  • Teddiursa

These are a few Pokemon that Ditto might be disguised. However, we cannot be sure they’re Ditto Pokemon.

Shiny Ditto

Ditto can appear to be ordinary Ditto as well as shiny Ditto. It is helpful to keep in mind certain things while searching for shiny Ditto. Based on our research, Ditto Pokemon Go 2022 :

  • If you see a shining Pokemon in a ditto-like pool, it isn’t likely to possibly be Ditto.
  • If you see a flashy wild Pokemon but it’s not likely to be Ditto.
  • If you find the Pokemon that isn’t shining, it might appear to be normal or shiny Ditto.


Ditto can add an additional sense of suspense to the sport It will also make the game more exciting for players. The players must find Ditto. However, there is a Ditto Pokemon list is out in the present, it is listed on the website.