Are you a Disney Premium subscriber? If you are, and your subscription is ending soon, please see our article before renewing. According to official data, Disney has more subscribers than any other US company. You should at least be aware of the offer as the drop box is expensive and comes with a free subscription.

You can also watch the Disney Plus DropBoxpost if you are interested. Here are our findings!

Drop Box

The Disney Dropbox is the perfect gift! The Disney Dropbox is a carefully curated and designed package that contains eight to ten premium Disney products. It features some of the most beloved and loved franchises from the Disney canon such as Mickey Mouse, Frozen and Minnie Mouse, Toy Story and Moana.

You can still get the Disney Drop Box Disney Plus when you renew your Disney+ subscription for another year. However, stocks are limited. It costs approximately 150 dollars to have one delivered to you. Click the URL code. If your Disney+ annual subscription has been renewed successfully, Disney+ will send you an email. From then on:

  • Select the Disney Drop Surprise category that you would like to receive. It will include one of the brands mentioned above.
  • Please fill out the shipping information.
  • Your Disney Drop will arrive at the address that you have provided.

Disney Plus Drop Box Eligibility

Select Disney+ subscribers who have renewed their subscriptions for another year at the $79.99 price level will be eligible for a value of $150 per box. These subscribers will be eligible for the Mystery Disney Drop at no cost. Disney+ may designate other customers eligible for the Drop Box, including those who win prizes. Each household can have one box. Stocks are limited. An email with a URL code will be sent to you when your Disney+ subscription expires. This email can then be used for redemption for Disney Drop Box Disney Plus. It will be sent directly to the email address associated with your account.

Drop Box Shipping

After you redeem the code for the exclusive Mystery DropBox, it’ll be sent to your address on the Disney Drop Redemption website at no extra cost. Disney DropBox will send you a confirmation email with tracking information to your email address.


Standard delivery is the only type of shipping that is free. There is no option for expedited shipping. Only US addresses are eligible for shipping. Disney Plus Drop Box is the best deal for premium Disney shows in 2022. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear your thoughts.