The guide provides information about the phrase director Daniels’ Wordle that many mistakenly look up to find the solution.

New York Times is a popular newspaper that has millions of readers across the world. In addition to the latest news the subscribers are also drawn to crossword puzzles that are released every day in the newspaper and mobile apps.

The newspaper publishes a variety of crossword puzzles every day, such as Spelling Bee, Sudoku, Crossword as well as Crossword Mini. These puzzles are an excellent game to pass your time relaxing and sharpen your mind and abilities.

But, many people from Canada, the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are looking for an answer for the April 12th puzzle using the word director Daniels’ Wordle. However, this has nothing to relate to the Wordle Puzzle.

How does director Daniels to do with the puzzle?

Director Daniels is the crossword word in the new issue of NYT on April 12, 2022. The publication is famous for its news coverage and events around the world. The newspaper is read by millions of readers around the world.

Apart from the news that is published daily The newspaper is well-known among its readers for its original and thrilling crossword puzzles. The newspaper offers daily crossword puzzles on both newspapers and mobile apps.

On Tuesday puzzle includes the crossword word “Director Daniels,” and it is not associated with the well-known puzzle game, Wordle.

Does There Exist Any Director Daniels Game ?

There aren’t any games such like Director Daniels and Wordle Director Daniels. It’s just a clue that is used crossword game. It is the crossword clue to aid in solving the puzzle.

The newspaper is published daily with riddles as well as the miniature crossword that was published on April 12, 2022 with the word Director Daniels. Since the well-known puzzle game Wordle is in vogue and popular, many people around the world began seeking out the game using the word Director Daniels without doing any further research on the internet.

After looking into it, we have found no reference to Direct Daniels Game online. It’s an answer to a crossword puzzle for the mini crossword.

who is director Daniel?

Also often referred to by the name Dan Kwan, he is an acclaimed director. He was a student at Boston and was there that he met Daniel Scheinert. They’re now a film-making couple. They are referred to for their work as Daniels and have made film shorts, feature films music videos, etc.

They’re a highly successful duo in the business. Their best work includes Swiss Army Man (released on the 16th of June, 2016) and all the other tracks simultaneously, which will be released in 2022.

It is believed that people are using the phrase Director Daniels’s Wordle to find the latest puzzle. The answer wordle is “LEE”. Director Daniel was a popular key word. The reason why is been explained within the piece.


New York Times regularly publishes daily riddle games to their readers and readers. On the 12th of April the paper published the riddle along with the clue that was Director Daniels. It was a great way for readers to discover the three-letter answer LEE.

However, Wordle fans mistakenly related the crossword answer to the game, and began searching for the answer to Director Daniels’ Wordle. However, it’s the NYT crossword puzzle which isn’t related to that Wordle game.

The game NYT Crossword here .

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