This article discusses Will Smith’s controversial relationship with Jada. Did Will Smith Convict His Wife in This Article

Do you have any information about the controversial news surrounding Will Smith? Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith is also featured in the bulletin. This incident is recorded at the Oscar award ceremony. Will Smith was seen slapping Chris Rock while laughing about Smith’s relationship.

This shocking news spread massive rumors throughout countries like the United States of America,the United Kingdom and Canada. Chris Rock made an amusing comment about Jada and her hair loss. It is also great to hear Did Will Smith Convict His Wife.

Will Smith Confession.

Will Smith discovered his wife was in an external relationship, with August Alsina (famous rapper). Both Smiths were shocked to discover that their marriage was not as it should be and decided to appear on Red-table talk live to clarify the rumors.

August Alsina revealed that he had a happy relationship with Trip Star, 50. Will Smith also says Jada had a relationship to August during a breakup. Let us now get to the bottom of this story.

Did Will Smith Cheat on His Wife

Many fans believe that Will Smith has been cheating on Jada, his wife. However, the Red Table showed that Will’s wife is the one cheating after a 23 year marriage.

Will Smith said that his wife does not believe in unorthodox relationships. She comes from a different family, with very different love and thought processes. They have very different parenting styles. Will Smith came out of the scandal of his cheating wife.

Did Will Smith Convict His Wife or Not

Will Smith has cleared up everything about his relationship to his wife. Will Smith is being linked to rumors. He clarified everything but fans can disagree. Will stated that they couldn’t have their marriage be a prison so they trusted one another to allow them to find their path. Chris Rock made a comical comment about their relationship that caused much controversy.

Jada Smith, Will Smith and Jaden have two children; Jaden (son) and Willow (daughter). Both of their children were also affected by the distance between their parents. Did Will Smith Cheat on His Wifeclear out all statements


Will Smith clarifies their past and present relationship, despite all the claims. Rumours persist about Will Smith cheating on wife Jada. Jada was the one who was cheating upon Will Smith.

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