An Overview of Diamond Sawing

CA Drillers offers a wide range of diamond sawing and drilling services in Kent and surrounding areas. It is one of the cleanest, fastest and most accurate methods to cut through concrete, masonry and other building material for various applications or purposes. It has a specially designed circular blade with a diamond fixed to its edge. On a construction site, there are multiple things to be taken care of, and traditional ways have made it challenging to function accurately; Diamond sawing has made the process a lot easier.

Diamond saws provide a high resistance to wear and tear while producing less heat during operation. Due to this quality, it burns less or fractures the concrete during cutting. It makes a smoother cut. The higher velocity of saw blades reduces noise, and higher speed produces less resonance and noise. Additionally, it preserves the strength of concrete and reduces the chance of structural failure and damage. The flawlessness of equipment can reduce the projected time and costs spent on the project. These advanced features of diamond saw help provide safety to the workers, as noise and dust are a significant concern on the job sites.

Diamond sawing is also helpful in semiconductors such as cutting gemstones, etc. One must be very careful while carrying out the diamond sawing operation, as any mistake will break tiles. Therefore, it is essential to hire diamond drilling Kent so your construction work can be done without any pause or interruption. We can perform cutting of the internal floor of thick quality without fumes at the site.

Read on to know more about types of diamond sawing, its benefits, types of saws, and why to choose diamond sawing.

Types of Diamond Sawing

Floor Sawing

A floor saw is the most commonly used diamond sawing method in cutting horizontally flat surfaces such as pavements, roads, runways, and bridges. It has been proven the safest and more efficient method for floor surfaces. It can be used in small as well as large-scale projects. A diamond saw is the best technique for cutting precise and controlled results, with a range of saws available to carry out the task. Cutting most lengths, widths and depths with a floor sawing technique is more effortless.

Benefits of Floor Sawing

  • Can cut through reinforced concrete
  • Vibration-free technique
  • No dust
  • Various sizes of saws are available
  • User-friendly

Track Sawing

Track or wall saws are the quickest methods to cut precise openings in walls, doors or floors. Diamond drilling Kent is an excellent choice for your concrete structure. It has a circular blade on a track-mounted machine attached to the vertical walls, which will not be present in floor saws. It is known to cut precise dimensions on the material.

Benefits of Tack Sawing

  • Quick set up
  • Ideal for tight space
  •  Portable
  • Long mitres, no scale
  •  Cuts smoothly

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing works where the track saw fails to deliver the result. It is a technique which originated in quarries to extract the stone. It is a perfect choice to remove the sections of concrete. A multi-wired cable gets fitted with diamond beads and threaded with a series of pulleys. It gets pulled continuously throughout the sawing process; It is dynamic and fast and can be cut with heavily enforced technique.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

  •   Strong and precise
  •  No vibration, dust and noise
  • Versatile
  • It can be used under-water 

Ring and Chain Sawing

The benefits of a ring saw. A ring saw is a variety of bandsaw but has a flexible circular rigid band and an abrasive blade rather than a toothed. It is ideal for precision cutting in indoor or confined spaces. Due to its compact nature, it demolishes accurately by cutting the floors, walls or any other relevant structure.

Benefits of Ring Saw

  •  Portable and powerful
  • Clean cutting
  • Safe cutting
  •  No vibration

Deep Sawing

It is used in pavement repair work and to create a provision of expansion joints. Unique diamond saws are used in the deep saw technique to remove specific concrete sections for repair or demolition.

Benefits of Deep Sawing

  • Cuts to the depth of one-quarter of the thick slab
  • Works in confined space
  •  Clean cutting
  • Precise cuts

General Tips for Concrete Saw Cutting

  • Cut with an appropriate saw to the best level of quality.
  • Ensure water is running to the blade throughout.
  • Do not let the cutting saw blade spin the cut.
  •  Follow the safety guidelines, be safe, and wear appropriate safety gears.
  • While cutting expansion joints, retract the edge, and let it run every 30 seconds to reduce overheating.
  • Please do not put too much pressure on the edge. Let the weight of the saw do the job.

Categories of Saws used in Concrete Cutting

  • Band Saw – Most common, versatile and cost-effective.
  • Plate Saw – Most complex but automated in nature.
  • Horizontal Saw – Slow but practical, incorporates reciprocating motion.
  • Circular Saw – Compacted and ideal for cramped areas.
  • Abrasive Saw – Highly accurate, easy to use and low in maintenance.

Reasons to Choose Diamond Sawing

  • Accuracy, resulting in ease of cutting concrete.
  •  Flexibility.
  • It has a dust collector.
  •  Easy to set up.
  • Perfect for confined spaces.
  • Minimum dust, no vibration and noise.
  • Affordable.
  •  Speedy Procedure.
  •  Portable.
  •  Allows deep cuts.
  •  Clean and smooth cuts.

Choose CA Drillers for Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services

With four decades of experience, CA Drillers has been providing consistent diamond drilling and sawing services in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London, and the UK, specifically focusing on the construction industry. Our experienced and qualified team will respond to your query quickly and carry out the diamond sawing efficiently. Our sawing services are ideal for pipework, doors, and windows.

Our sawing services include:

  •  Deep Sawing
  •  Diamond ring and chain sawing
  •  Floor sawing
  • Track sawing
  •  Wire sawing

We consistently aim to benchmark the quality sawing and drilling work. Our values and ethics of professionalism have earned us a respectful position in the industry. Be assured that diamond sawing will be carried out strictly with quality parameters and global industrial standards.