Have you encountered any difficulties when playing a manga-based game? If yes, then you’re on the right page that gives all the necessary details on the subject as previously mentioned.

PVP simulator game players in The United Statesface some difficulties that are related to the mission in a game mission. First, the glitch in the technology stops the player from moving to the next game level.

The game’s developers must fix the gaming glitch to assist gamers in completing their mission. Find out more about Delta captain Aut.

About Universal Time (AUT)

The game Universal Time is available on the Roblox platform, which is based upon PVP simulation. This game is created with manga characters from a variety of.

The player has the option of choosing characters based on their gaming experience and rankings.AUT is created and is owned by Universe Time Studio and was first launched in the year 2018.

The game gained popularity with the popular manga comic series. Players must play diverse gaming styles to achieve better rankings and win in-game prizes. Multi-player mode is another crucial feature offered to gamers.

Delta Captain Aut

  • A Roblox player was hit by a gaming glitch when playing the game AUT from his computer which prevented the player from finishing the current task.
  • The user uploaded a video on YouTube that demonstrates the problem.
  • The video shows the character of the player interacting with the DELTA captain who is the one responsible to oversee the players.
  • If the new recruit is able to approach the captain the captain, there isn’t a reply from captain’s sides.
  • A few other players also expressed their opinions on the quest’s brokenness. Due to the quest’s failure interactions between the recruit and captain is hindered.

about Broken Delta Quest

  • Non-interactive Delta Captain Autis is a result of the failed delta quest.
  • The players were unable to fix the problem since their quest’s settings remain unfinished, without any additional options or directions.
  • The players went to their game settings and attempted to relax their gaming characters by selecting”Reset” or “Reset Character” option. However, there were no visible changes when the game was reset.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

  • There are no solutions currently discovered to fix the issue that gamers face with the quest that is broken.
  • A player who has a blank quest menu has the option of resetting the character’s settings. Learn on Delta Captain Aut.
  • For a reset of the characters, hit”R” or the” R” button in the settings menu, then select “People” then select “Reset Character” present on the lower left corner in the lower left corner of the display.
  • If there is no change when following these steps outlined above, the user may visit the settings, choose “Report,” and raise an issue ticket, describing the problem along with the relevant images.


Gaming glitches are a common issue encountered by online gaming platforms frequently. Some issues can prevent players from being stuck at the same stage.