This article will tell you more about Sussex Lions, and the events that take place in the area.

Are you excited for the community festival You may have heard of Daze Sussex lions. How can you have fun at the Sussex Lions Daze in 2022? We will be learning more about the Sussex Lions Festival in the United States. Also, how people get excited to enjoy the festival’s fun and excitement. Let’s first learn more about DAZES Sussex Lions.

Sussex Lions Daze 202

Sussex Lions Club organizes an exciting event for the community. It will take place at Sussex village park on the 15, 16 and 17 July. Festival activities include a parade and refreshments. There will also be food trucks, beer tents and fireworks. Live music and softball tournaments will also be part of the festivities. Don’t delay – get your tickets now! In addition to the entertainment, you could also win cash prizes. You can also win cash prizes. This festival will unify all people.

Fireworks 2202 Sussex

Surprise! It happened yesterday, 15 July. People came out to show their love and enjoy the fireworks display at Sussex village parks at dusk. They have been designed so that anyone can see them from the hill at the site of the Lion’s Den Building. The spectators enjoyed the view from their vehicles as well. Families were able to bring their children along with them everywhere, as lights prevailed. After the firework show, everyone enjoyed Rebel Grace’s evening band.

Lions Daze 202

The club organizes the community festival to promote international cooperation and community involvement. The event began at 4:30 in the evening with the band. The lion’s daze was then opened at 6:00 PM. It was followed by other events such as carnival rides and a softball men’s tournament. Bingo, fireworks, and a band night. You can also look forward to some other special events on 16th July. The Sussex Lion’s Stimulus Day is the last day. A draft drink costs $2. The children will also be able to enjoy a pony and camel ride for free.

The raffle booth will also allow you to purchase lions daze T-shirts for just $10. Daze Sussex Lions is committed to serving the community best. How one can be satisfied and still his inner feelings. The administrative cost is covered by the dues of every club member.


This concludes that the festival continues. You should not miss this opportunity to visit the community festival with your family. You will enjoy the food and events if you are a good person. Remember the dates of 15th, 16th and 17th July. This link: provides more information.

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