Are you someone who is passionate about music, but has lost their favourite artist? Do you enjoy singing and the sensational personalities that surround them? Davy Jones is a famous figure in the United States, Canada, as well as the United Kingdom. As the article progresses, we will be providing some information about Davy Jones. The purpose of this article is to give you Davy Jones Net Worth 20021 .

Let us start with some facts about him.

Who was Davy Jones and what did he do?

Jones was well-known for singing and was a prominent member of the Monkees rock group. Jones was a popular youngster idol during the sixties. At the age of eleven, Jones started a performing career and was awarded a leading role in the British soap opera Coronation Street. Let us first remember why you came to this site: What does Davy Jones net worth in 2021.

Davy Jones Career

Davy Jones was a member and idol of the Monkees in the 1960s. Davy Jones began performing at the age of eleven and won a role in the British soap opera Coronation Street. Davy Jones was a charming character that attracted attention to the Monkees when they first started television in September 1966.

His hits included “I’m a Believer”, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “Daydream Believer”, Gerry Goffin and Carole King as well as John Stewart. These facts make it easy to determine Davy Jones net worth 2021 .

Let’s find out more details about Jones’s private life. We’ll be moving towards Specifications of Jones’s life.


  • Name- Davy Jones
  • United Kingdom: Birth’s Spot
  • Nationality- British.
  • Birth Date: 30/12/1945
  • Profession: Singer/Actor, Musician/Lyricist, Record Producer, Businessman.
  • Height- 5ft, 2inch.
  • Weight: Not known
  • Income-
  • Spouse – He had 3 wives: Haines (1969-1975), Anita Pollinger (1981-1996), Jessica Pacheco (9 2009-12).
  • Joining Date: Davy joined Monkees Club in September 1996.
  • Social Media – He was Davy Jones’s official Twitter account.
  • Year of Death – February 29, 2012.
  • Cause of death: A heart attack caused him to lose his life.

Davy Jones Net Value 2021

According to his net worth, he was worth $ 5 million at his death. Davy Jones, a British famous singer, was charming and talented. On Twitter, he has 8,716k fans. His net worth increased rapidly.

Note: This article lists all facts that can be found on the Internet.

The Final Thoughts

Davy Jones, a well known British singer/musician who worked hard for his place in this industry, is the conclusion of this article. His passion is what has made him a successful musician and singer. The Davy Jones Net worth 2021 stands at USD 5.5 million. We lost him in February 2012 to a heart attack.