Are you interested in knowing more about the latest incident? If so, then you should go through the following article David Chappelle’s Tackle Chris Rock.

Are you interested in finding out about the latest incident involving an iconic American stand-up comic? You’re not on the wrong website. In this article, we will focus on the most recent incident only.

The stand-up comic we’ll be talking about will be David Chappelle. David’s full title for David Chappelle is David Khari Webber Chappelle. The actor is well-known in various regions of the world which includes his home country of the United Statesand Canada. We’ll start with our story Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. Chris Rock .

About the incident

Last Tuesday, a show was arranged by Netflix with the famous American comic David performed. In the course of their performance of David suddenly, a man ran on stage, and attempted to assault David however, security prevented him from doing so, and he did not hurt David. David did not suffer any injuries, however the attacker sustained a lot of bruises and was taken into the hospital.

After these events took place, Chris Rock joined David on stage and said on how great Will Smith was. In this particular moment, there were three people who gained the attention of people Chris Rock Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Will Smith.

The Dave Chappelle Story

Dave is often referred to as David as well as his real title is David Khari Webber – Chappelle. He is a well-known comic standup (American). He is well-known for his comedy series, which refers to Chappelle’s comedy show. His birth date was August 24, 1973.

Their parents Dave attended school and active in various activities. Dave also received a Grammy Award recently.

The name of his wife is Elaine Mendoza Erfe. He was married in the year 2001. Dave changed his faith to Islam. He also won an award from the guild of screen actors.

The Dave Chappelle Attacker – Why is it Trending?

Dave Chappelle’s story has been trending due to the fact that it occurred just last Tuesday night and comic Chris Rock also commented on the incident. According to the team investigating the perpetrator is 23 years old with the surname Isaiah Lee. The attacker was injured in several places, which is why his treatment was at the hospital. The reason behind the attack isn’t known yet.

According to the reports, Lee was found with the replica gun, but the reality is that it resembled the gun, but was actually an actual knife. For those who are fans from David Dave Chappelle, the, the Dave Chappelle attack in LA was a major incident.


Dave is a well-known stand-up comedian. This event with Dave has affected a large number of his fans because it may have hurt Dave in a serious way. The police investigation is through, however, the police haven’t discovered any motive to justify the attack. The statement of Chris Rock has also become well-known since it was more of a sarcasm rather than a joke.

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